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I was born and raised a Seventh-Day Adventist. As I was growing up I studied my denomination’s beliefs side by side with other common denominations. I have come to realize that despite the many differences between the religions, there are also many similarities. One of the most common religions that are compared against Adventism is Catholicism. Both religions actually share some common beliefs. Most people only focus on the differences though. Regardless of the different doctrines, Seventh-Day Adventists and Catholics have a strong connection because of their belief in God.
One of the main doctrines that set Adventist apart is their observance of Saturday as Sabbath. They keep Saturday as ...view middle of the document...

The Sabbath is their time to reflect on creation of the world. The Catholic Mass is a time for prayer and a time to come to God with their burdens(“Sunday Observance”22).
Adventists believe that baptism is meant for those who can experience conversion. They do not baptize infants because of that reason. Also infant baptism is not Biblically supported. They don’t put an age on when somebody is ready for baptism, but they do have certain criteria to help decided when somebody is ready. Adventist believe that in order for a person to be baptized they need to be old enough to understand the meaning of baptism, have surrendered to Christ and are converted, understand the fundamental principles of Christianity, and comprehend the significance of church membership(General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist 189). Whenever somebody shows an interest in being baptized they are given Bible studies to help understand what baptism entails. They also believe that when somebody is baptized they should be fully immersed in water. That theory is because in the New Testament baptisms referred to being immersed in water. Baptism is a representation of the death and resurrection of Christ. It also represents how a person is dying to their old self and being raised up to a new life in Christ.
In contrast Catholics will baptize infants. Their reasoning for that is to confirm that a child will be sent to heaven if it dies young. Their baptism is different than the Adventist’s though. They do not submerge an infant in the water, but rather, they sprinkle the baby with holy water(Perrine, Stephen 20). Adults wanting to be baptized go through a similar experience. They are either sprinkled with water or have water poured over them. Adults also have to go through a series of classes teaching about the beliefs of the Catholic Church(McClory, Robert 10). Catholics also view baptism as being a connection to Christ and a connection with church membership.
Many people are familiar with the belief that Catholics have of confession. Confession is meant to reconcile man to Christ. They belief that when they sin they are denying themselves God’s grace, and the only way to receive His grace is to repent and ask for forgiveness. They confess to a priest...

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