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Meritocratic Society Would Require Affirmative Action

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Have you ever thought of the United States as a place of equal opportunities? Throughout history Women and minorities have struggled to get equal rights. They certainly have made a change; it is much more infrequent to find open discrimination at work place than it was years ago. Looking at the progress confirms that the chances of getting explicit equal rights will continue to grow. An equal right policy doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem as subtle discrimination still subsists. Equal rights policy will only offer a formal equality; equality under the law. Meaning everyone will be given an equal treatment in the eyes of law however; it does not guarantee us equality. What we ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand some of us argued that giving same amount of money wouldn’t change the structure of the game. A problem will not get fixed by giving same amount of money on pass go. It will just hide the problem temporarily just as formal equality hides explicit discrimination. In order to change the structure of the game we need a strict policy to enforce these rules because not all rich players will give up their money to poor players. This policy will act as an affirmative action that we have in our society. It will give access to equal platform to each player in the game and make the game more about skills. The opportunity to have a competition will mean that they won on the basis of skills if any of them won. Giving advantages to poor player in this game will give rise to meritocracy just as wolff believes. Society of United States is somewhat similar to the game; where the majority suppresses minority group.
Women and blacks have long been discriminated and are minorities of the United States. There are obviously biological differences between men and women but that does not suggest that women are inferior. Critics of feminism believe women have different needs than men therefore they are weaker. They are forgetting that men have special needs too such as higher calorie intake than women. These are just biological differences but gender is a socially constructed category. Different societies and traditional groups have assigned different gender roles and it is usually treated as an ideal action for an individual of specific gender. One instance of such behavior is parenting; women are considered caretakers of kids in the most societies. Counting at the particular needs of women after pregnancy, females are granted maternity leave as a means of attempting to treat men and women equally. Feminist believes maternity leave doesn’t address the problem. There should be paternal leave also because after pregnancy there is no biological requirement therefore fathers could take on the responsibility. African Americans are another group that faces inequalities in our society because of their skin color. White men knowledge and qualification is over-exaggerated than blacks. Let’s take an example of resume from our class discussion. Resume with white males names is more likely to get hired than black female names despite the fact they have same qualification and potential. In order to address these problems in society, women and blacks should be the beneficiaries of programmes of affirmative action.
Society of United States is not an ideal of equality and meritocracy. Wolff believes that in...

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