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Merits And Demerits Of Various Techniques Used For Power Management

2730 words - 11 pages

Computer Architecture

Prof. Ihab Wattar

Project report 4
Group 10

Chaitanya Muppidi 2576278
Srikar Kairamkonda 2591851
Sainath Reddy Adula 2594016


1. Introduction
2. Motivation
3. Various techniques of power management
4. Reason for selection of topic
5. Introduction to cluster level servers
6. Power management at Cluster-level servers
7. Issues pertaining to Power Management in
cluster level servers
8. Merits and Demerits of various techniques.
9. Suggested solutions
10. Conclusion
11. References

1. Introduction

The number of Electrical and electronic devices running on electricity are increasing at a rapid rate. At the same time the amount of electricity utilized by these devices is also increasing at high rate due to increased complexity in applications which are to be executed, thus overall electric utilization is increasing. Further wastage and over utilization became a concern making power efficiency of a device even more essential. Thus amount of power needed to run an application or execute a command becomes one of the main constraint of the device's efficiency. This is the area which is to be focused because of growing operational costs on servers. In this report we will discuss in brief about various techniques used for power management and our topic of interest along with their merits and demerits. We recommend some of the solutions for existing problems.

2. Motivation
Applications which are using the server-client model are increasing, thus making server usage more frequent. As a result number of servers across the world are increasing rapidly. As single server executes instructions for multiple clients, the amount of power consumed by server is more because the server's CPU frequency will be more and server has to be online for as long as possible. Thus the total cost of ownership of servers will be more than the traditional desktops.

Source: IDC, Scaramella 2006

From the above figure it is clear that the power and cooling costs are nearly same as installation cost of servers, making the total cost double. Thus power management at server level is a key issue.

3. Various techniques of power management

There are many techniques used to implement power management. Some techniques are software based like virtualization, some are hardware based like replacing traditional desktops with laptops and some are both software-hardware based like cluster level feedback control.
Some of the techniques are most basic in their idea. One of the technique is that replacing a desktop with laptop can be solution for power conservation. Replacement of one desktop with laptop may not be significant for an enterprise with single or very few number of desktops but more significant for an enterprise with more desktops. The following graph shows the amount of power consumed by desktop and laptop.

Clearly there is significant difference between the...

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