Merlin's Time And How Relevant They Are To Camelot.

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Druids, Merlin, SorceryDruids, Merlin, and Sorcery are all there own subject, but all connect in some way and date back to early medieval times. The earliest reference for Druids dates back to about the 2nd century B.C., Merlin's references date him back to the 10th century B.C., and finally Sorcery was found to be dated to the early 20th century B.C. Even though the time periods are spread out over the centuries these three topics relate to each other very closely.Druids have been identified as wizards and soothsayers. They formed a class of philosophers, judges, educators, historians, doctors, seers, astronomers, and astrologers. Because of their vast knowledge and skills, they were feared around the land and also not to be taken lightly. "Druidae" is derived from Celtic origin. The name Druid was given to men and sometimes women who possessed knowledge. Druids emerged from an ancient tribe that was very close to nature and when the Druids met in groups they mainly met in the woods, hidden from non-druids. When you wanted to become a Druid you had to study long and hard and basically receive training and instruction for up to twenty years. At the end of their education, they were walking encyclopedias. "The mythologies describe Druids who were capable of many magical powers such as: divination and prophesy, control of weather, healing, levitation, and shape changing themselves into different forms of animals" (Witcombe 1).These "Sorcerers" held a status of Kings and were respected as such. Merlin, a great sorcery was said to have been one of the Druids.Merlin first appears, "in extant records form the early 10th century a prophet, but his role gradually evolved into that of magician, prophet, mentor and adviser of King Arthur" (Ford 1). Before Merlin became Merlin, he was called Emrys. Merlin was the son of the Royal Princes of Dyfed; Merlin's father was supposedly an angel. Merlin's King at the time needed a fatherless child and picked Merlin. But to save his own life Merlin used his great visionary powers and attributed the problem to a subterranean pool in which lived a red and white dragon. The red dragon represented the Britons and the white represented the Saxons, and he told a story of how the white dragon was winning but that the red dragon would soon overthrow the white...

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