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Merton Essay

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OPERATIONS RESEARCH (TERM-2, PGP-1)PRE-MIDTERM ASSIGNMENTAnalyze the Merton trucks case given in Lecture-8 and respond to the questions listed below using excel solver.Ensure in the Excel solver formulation that relevant descriptions and units are given for decision variables, objective function and all the constraints. This is to ensure that appropriate description will be automatically generated in the answer report and sensitivity report.Apart from answering the questions below in the assignment, keep printout of your solver outputs (answer and sensitivity report) "as is" in the assignment hard-copy including the header information. Refer to sample answer report in the last page. Don't edit or make any changes to the report generated by excel-solver. The solver output must be an exact match of the excel file submitted with the assignment.The solver file should be named as RegistrationNumber_Section-ID_Merton.xls. (E.g. 2014103_Sec-D_Merton.xls). The solver file must include "formulation", "answer report" and "sensitivity report".A hard-copy assignment report containing response to the questions below in the same order must be submitted by 1-Nov-2014, 1229pm to Mrs. Poornima in the first floor of faculty block. The excel solver file must be submitted by email to with email subject as "RegistrationNumber Section-ID GIM" (e.g. 2014103 Section-D GIM) by 1-Nov-2014, 1229pm.This is an individual assignment. Any indulgence in academic malpractices, including copying in part or full will be punished severely.If you don't adhere to all the instructions, you can expect to be penalized with negative marks or zero.MERTON TRUCKS COMPANYKeeping 3000$ and 5000$ as unit contributions respectively for Model 101 and Model 102 trucks, formulate the Merton's product mix decision problem using LP. Present the LP problem in the standard form including all the details and units.Using solver, find the optimal product mix of these two trucks? What is the optimum total contribution that Merton can obtain?Tabulate, the optimality range for the decision variable coefficients and comment what will happen if the current unit contribution moves outside the range?Tabulate, the feasibility range for each constraint's capacity and comment what will happen if the current capacity moves outside the range?Due to increase in Engine component's material cost, the unit contribution for Model 101 came down to $2000. Do you recommend Merton to continue producing the optimal product mix as found...

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1990 words - 8 pages , Merton attempted to develop an explanation of the rates of not just criminal but non-conventional behaviour that violated the norms of American society. For Durkheim, the functions that crime provokes in society include both adaptive and boundary maintenance. Crime ensures change, making a society adaptive as crime introduces various new ideas and practices within societies preventing it from becoming immobile. Merton states, in contrast to

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696 words - 3 pages Can a man kill another man; yet, be a passive hero? In Harrison Hayford and Merton M. Seaths short story, “Billy Budd, Sailor (An inside Narrative)”, Billy Budd is characterized as a passive hero. Unexpectedly, Billy Budd is singled out and forced into the King’s service. Even so, Billy Budd has a positive influence with nearly all of his ship mates and officers. However, Billy’s affect with the new master-at-arms proves Billy does not have

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786 words - 4 pages Robert K Merton came up with “Strain Theory” in which he argued that although Deviance can be beneficial to a society- keeping the society in order, it could also promote inequality. In our society it’s more proper for a woman to be modest about her body, the moment she defies that norm she is considered Deviant. In order to encourage a decline of inequality groups will need the help in order to reach that goal. There are many organizations that

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1415 words - 6 pages Risking it all for the things we long for...The idealistic approach to achieving what is presented as unachievable goals, to a person, will only further the desire in one's soul to quest for this said "holy grail." The settings that follow in these poems are examples of what people, driven to the edge of social degradation, will risk in order to be free of their oppressors.Thomas Merton was dealt a difficult life from early on. Beginning with

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799 words - 3 pages the nineteenth century turned the land of opportunity into desperation. Nonetheless, Merton came to the similar conclusion of Durkheim’s that deviance was a product of societal structures (Sztompka, 1986). However, because Merton was a middle-range functionalist, he questioned and furthered Durkheim’s concept of anomie from a different perspective. He looked at the smaller problems and tied it to greater society, whereas the grand theorist

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2540 words - 10 pages referring to are R.Merton, B. Barnes and P Feyerabend. Each of these particular individuals as far as we or science is concerned have in no doubt had overwhelming impact on way in which science has evolved and expanded over time. R. Merton or Robert Merton is considered as one of the founding fathers of sociology of science. Merton's special interest is in the mores of science, moral regulations that collectively form the scientific 'etos

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2473 words - 10 pages responding to the social situation in which they find themselves"(Merton, 1957 p. 186). American sociologist, Robert Merton has become one of the worlds most cited theorist in the study of deviance. Born in 1910, in the slums of South Philadelphia, Merton received a scholarship attend Temple University, following his education at Temple, Merton won a graduate assistantship to Harvard, where he later went on to teach at the renowned University


2280 words - 10 pages Although Marx has contributed to making a somewhat large influence on many criminological ideologies and thoughts, he has not however given much thought about crime and why it is committed. However, in comparison to Marx, Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) had an extensive knowledge to share on the subject of crime. Durkheim’s ideas on crime have said to have had a compelling impact on the Chicago School of Criminology and also on Robert King Merton

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856 words - 4 pages works of Talcott Parsons, Robert Merton, and Anthony Giddens has built on the classical functionalist theories of Spencer and Durkheim. The first major shift for functionalist social theory was a move from Europe to the United States. After the upheaval in Europe post WWI and Stalin’s revolution positivist social theories such as functionalism became more popular in the United States than Europe (Adams & Sydie, 2002 p.05). In the mid 1900’s

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1362 words - 5 pages information technology. The Contribution of SHRM to the Achievement of an Organisation’s Objectives At Merton Campaign Society, the organisation seeks to create an environment where people are safe by encouraging active participation in community affairs. The strategic human resource function of Merton Campaign Society is geared towards the transformation of the local community into a safe place for all residents. SHRM urges the organisation’s

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1340 words - 6 pages Thomas Merton once said "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time". This is completely true. Throughout the semester we have gone through almost as many as 300 pictures we view, learn, decompose into the criteria it meets and talk about the controversial things it has, while we do this we don't recognize that we also identify the form, content, iconography, and context. All four areas are what the paint, picture or

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921 words - 4 pages Robert K. Merton Robert King Merton is an American sociologist who has revolutionised the way we think about sociology and mass communication. Merton¡¦s collaborative work with Paul Lazarsfeld, an Austrian-born American sociologist, is prolific and well recognised as his own individual efforts. Merton was born on July 5, 1910 in Philadelphia; Pa. Merton speaks English, French, German, Italian, and Latin. He received a Ph.D. from