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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Essay

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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are multipotent cells that are capable of differentiating into numerous cell types. They can distinguish into adipocyte, chondrocyte and chondrocytes cells. Many studies have been done on MSC demonstrating their potential roles and benefits. MSC are of great use in a variety of ways such tissue engineering, transplant and as essential potent for therapeutics. Amongst these benefits a major advantage includes MSC as being an excellent source of regenerating the nervous system. Regeneration of the nervous system is one of the most difficult obligations because it is not an easy task to regenerate injuries that internally take place in the nervous system. The ...view middle of the document...

In addition to the comparison between the two type stem cells that can be used as potential regenerators, other research has been done to illustrate the effect of human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (ASCs) on growth of blood vessels and nerve. The growth of blood vessels and nerve was specifically concentrated on the peripheral nerves. This demonstrated that hADMSCs can accelerate growth of blood vessels and nerve and thus induce generation of tissues. Moreover, another experiment was done in rats to modulate peripheral nerve repair after injury. Rat model was further used to investigate sensory nerve healing with human mesenchymal stem cells. Also, hADMSCs have also proven heal wounds in vitro. These cells may heal wounds that result from vascular diseases or diabetes. Thus, all these researches demonstrate that there is now an easy way to regenerate the nervous system and resolve other internal injuries. Now that it is clear that hADMSCs may be used for regeneration but another issue that comes in play is that it is not always possible to obtain immediate hADMSCs at the time of an injury or in other circumstances that may require hADMSCs. Therefore, hADMSCs must already be present when they are in need thus, another research was performed to investigate if cryopreservative adipose derived stem cells may be used instead of fresh ones and weather cryopreserved stem cells will play the same role as fresh cells and fulfill the requirement. This investigation was done using lipoaspirates from females, the sites included, abdomen and thigh. This research also gave positive outcomes. Hence, all these experimental research’s demonstrated that human adipose mesenchymal stem cells are an excellent source of regenerating the nerves system. Besides regeneration hADMSCs hold other benefits such as acceleration and growth of nerves and blood vessels in the nervous system and wound healing. Lastly, cryopreserved hADMSCs hold the same effect as fresh ones. The results obtained from all the researches are described below.
Isolation of hADSCs and hBMSCs and characterization
For this investigation the cells were isolated from humans. When hADSCs and hBMSCs were tested for their morphology, both demonstrated similar fibroblastic-like characteristics. The hBMSCs cells bodies were relatively larger than hADSCs, this showed that hBMSCs is a better source for nervous system regeneration. Moreover, both hADSCs and hBMSCs were tested with different antibodies against the MSC surface markers. This test showed that both hADSCs and hBMSCs presented a mesenchymal-like phenotype. In addition, in order to compare the osteogenic and adipogenic differentiating potential, hADSCs were cultured in osteogenic medium for four weeks and adipogenic medium for three weeks. From this it was concluded that both mesenchymal cell types were able to differentiate into osteoblasts or adipocytes. Thus, these results demonstrate that hADSCs are compatible with hBMSCs for nerve...

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