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Met Comparison Essay

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New York City is known for its wide diversity, from the various types of cuisine
to be sampled to the infamous New York nightlife to finding random stores that have mementos you remember from your childhood. The art scene in New York has sprouted varied works from Jasper Johns and Annie Leibowitz to Mark Rothko and Jean-Michael Basquiat. Within this culturally thriving city are many museums, each providing the viewer a glimpse of the creativity of the past and the imagination of today, all while remaining individual and unique in exhibiting the works of many artists.
The Frick Museum was opened to the public in 1935, transforming Henry Frick’s mansion into a gallery showcasing his extensive ...view middle of the document...

The Frick can be viewed in its entirety within a few hours, while at the Met you would need to make several visits. The rooms at the Frick are decorated with furnishings as it might have been when was lived in. The works in each room was arranged according to Frick’s layout. The paintings are hung approximately at eye level, and the viewer can get fairly close to the works to analyze the details in each piece. The works are illuminated with a single light above each piece.
The rooms at the Met are minimal in décor, allowing the attention to be focused on the art. Each room is set differently in order to maximize the viewing experience of each piece. The European painting section has a cool greyish green color to the walls, while the sculpture room uses marble walls and tiles and granite columns for busts to reflect the mediums of the room. Works of art are grouped together thematically by period and style to illustrate the similarities of the works by the artist’s contemporaries. The rooms are bathed in natural lights; and unlike the Frick, there are benches near each work in order to view the piece from a variety of angles and how the work may have intended to be viewed.
The works at each museum differs significantly. Frick’s personal tastes are on display, showcasing on the works by paintings by Holbein, Bellini, Rembrandt and Vermeer among others. However when comparing the works to the extensive collection at the Met, the Frick seems limited...

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