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Metabolism Differences Of A Cockroach And A Cricket.

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Introductory material:
Outline the physical similarities between the (Blaptica dubia) cockroach and the cricket. Explain previous studies on physical stress in the cricket and in different species of cockroaches. Briefly discuss how the metabolic rate between the two species has been found to be very similar.
Two studies have shown that the resting metabolic rate of 11 species of cockroaches were VO2=0.261 Moles (Coelho and Moore, 1989) and 3 species of crickets were VO2=0.277 (Prestwich and Walker, 1981) are very similar.
Resting Metabolic Rate is the basal cost of the somatic maintenance for an individual and demonstrates the unavoidable costs of maintaining bodily functions (Okada, et. al., 2011).
The Resting Metabolic Rate has also been shown to have an impact on energetically costly activity allowing for resources to be dispersed to other functions (Okada, et. al., 2011).
The “increased-intake hypothesis” states that with a higher Resting Metabolic Rate, more energy can be converted into secondary sexual traits (Okada, et. al., 2011).
The “live-fast-die-young” hypothesis claims that having a high Resting Metabolic Rate is actually costly towards fitness and that this energy is allocated to non-maintenance functions (Okada, et. al., 2011).

What we are testing:
We are testing the metabolic rate of a cricket and (Blaptica dubia) cockroach under physical stress, cold, heat, and lethal heat.

1. We hypothesize that the metabolic rate for the cricket and the cockroach will be different when the two animals experience physical stress and temperature changes.

Null Hypothesis:
2. The metabolic rate for the cricket and (Blaptica dubia) cockroach will be the same when physical stress and temperature changes are present.

We predict that both the cricket and the cockroach will have significant increases in metabolic rate when exposed to physical stress and hot temperatures.
We also expect an increase in metabolic rate for colder temperatures but to a lesser degree when compared to the increases when experiencing physical stress and high temperature.

Materials Needed:
1. Qubit system
2. Male cricket with nonfunctional wings, except for mating displays.
3. Male cockroach with nonfunctional wings, except for mating displays.
4. Respiration chamber
5. Thermometer
6. Plug to respiration chamber
7. Tub of ice
8. Heating pad

The exact same experiment will be conducted for both the cricket and the cockroach. Both animals will be fasting for 24 hours before the experiment in order to control for differences in diet. The mass will be taken for the individual. Before each running each experiment, a baseline CO2 test will be recorded for 10 minutes. The individual animal will be placed in the Qubit system animal chamber for 10 minutes with no physical or environmental stresses to obtain the resting metabolic rate. We will then shake the animal chamber...

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