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How do you promote the development of metacognition?First described by Flavell (1978) and Brown (1978) (Paris & Winograd, 2003) metacognition, or thinking about thinking, is an awareness and analyses of your own effective thinking, effective because it helps guide you onto the path of being an effectual learning, or as Croskerry (2003) describes it, metacognition is a "reflective approach to problem solving that involves stepping back from the immediate problem to examine and reflect on the thinking process." There are three important components of metacognitive strategies, what the strategy is (declarative knowledge), how the strategy operates (procedural knowledge), and when and why a strategy should be applied (conditional knowledge) (Paris, Lipson, & Wixson, 1983).Effective metacognitive learners are more likely to understand their own learning process, have a range of learning skills that they use strategically and automatically, plan and set goals as well as monitoring their performance (McInerney & McInerney, 2002).Individual differences in metacognitive abilities may be caused by biological differences (nature) or through differences in individual learning experiences (nurture) (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2007). Students do develop some metacognitive strategies as part of their normal observation and learning ( McInerney & McInerney, 2002) and research shows that the acquisition of metacognition can be promoted through instructional intervention (Boekaerts, 1997). Brown (1980) suggests metacognitive teaching strategies for students reading which include, understanding the purpose of the reading task, thinking about which parts of the message are important, focusing on the main topic, monitoring your progress to ensure or check that you understand exactly what it is you are reviewing, and questioning yourself to see if you fully understand what you have read and if not, trying other tactics or strategies. McInerney & McInerney (2002) suggest various methods for teachers' to promote metacognition to students including; providing clear goals for students, setting an appropriate degree of challenge in the tasks, giving students freedom for self-direction, reducing students' focus on competitiveness and, most importantly, supporting the development of...

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1733 words - 7 pages (and writers) try to make sense of their thoughts” (p. 217). There are three stages of inner speech development which include social speech (external speech), egocentric speech, which then result in the third stage, inner speech. Inner speech allows a student to think about one’s own thinking, which is considered metacognition. Metacognition is an integral part of a student’s learning process. According to Zakin (2007), “metacognition can be

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1118 words - 4 pages communication” (November, 1998). Because of this, metacognition, or strategies that help one think about the process of constructing meaning as one reads, become a critical part of the process one uses to read information on the Internet (Laureate Education, 2006.) Of the four areas of metacognition that Strickland shares, monitoring is perhaps the most valuable strategy to employ for my colleague’s purposes. Teaching his students to ask

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1679 words - 7 pages of learning styles of students.   In regards to cognitive process, every person has awareness of, and control over their cognitive process and this is called metacognition. A feeling of knowing, feeling of familiarity, and feeling of confidence are some indicative metacognitive feelings extensively studied in metamemory research (Efklides, 2008, pp. 277-287) . The control over the ability to pay attention is known as meta-attention. To further

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1646 words - 7 pages protocols. Along with other Eastern medical practices, a lot of insurance companies will not over therapy and other protocols. Treatment protocols like therapy, meditation and other “mind over matter” require the student to have high levels of metacognition. These protocols are great for students that can focus on themselves and think about the issue at hand. By doing this, some protocols are able to get the student to calm themselves down and

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