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Metacognition "Thinking About Thinking" Essay

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One day long ago I realized there was a culprit to truth and that a distinction between what is a true constant to all things, and therefore myself, and what is falsified needed to be made. Such was the day in a child's life when it becomes apparent there is not a person beside them to make them aware of the weight and truth to each and every piece of input that the senses absorb every day. Input interpreted incorrectly in any manner was not worth experiencing as it leads to a living of an altered reality in one's mind that is not constant with the world. So to gain the full worth of life it is clear that one must be able to take everything that is learned and experienced in the most correct context.Redefining an entire personal belief structure based on a more aware and matured mind-stance requires endless amounts of introspection and contemplation. However the process can be begun when the realization of absolute truth in relation to the world is acknowledged and accepted, allowing for an unbiased and untainted perspective from which to determine the correct values, ethics, and beliefs. Some may argue and disagree over who or what should be the standard for the correct belief system, whether it be a holy book or the values of a predecessor, but it comes only from basic human understanding, which many can overlook because of their own embedded belief structure. Such an understanding comes from the comprehension that all humans possess a heart, mind, and perhaps soul. The soul is of course itself a manifestation of beliefs and the idea of such can be set aside during evaluation of truth and that which has been altered. The idea of a soul could have derived from religion but there is the antithesis that the manifestation of a soul is a counter-belief to religion as a central point for faith instead of higher faith in religion. Either way, the true context for a soul is simply the collection of intangible emotions that each person, or living thing, uniquely possesses within themselves. When considered and applied in that manner it is not a moderating factor or altering factor in any way but rather just part of the human understanding, so it's existence or lack thereof is of little to no importance as that which would make up a soul can be understood individually.Beliefs can be changed over time, however once the realization of "standard truth" is attained there is little fluctuation, as there is only truth and that which is not. This is not to say there is no middle ground, for if there weren't there would be no development, but during that development the beliefs are to be put aside and not yet placed into the "stack" that will eventually be the filled correct belief structure. With beliefs aside they can be analyzed from different perspectives until their true form is identified and placed correctly into the belief structure, correlated with the others as a matching piece of the puzzle. And so as religion would be a belief placed upon through...

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