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In this essay I am going to explain the steps it takes to make steel, why Nicolas Appert's method of preserving cooked food was so important for Napoleon's troops and what the effects of this technology in the modern society and how different kinds of steel can be used.How is steel made?First, the raw materials either iron ore or scrap iron, depending on the process are changed into molten steel. A blast furnace is used with the ore-based process and an electric arc furnace is used with the scrap-based process.Next, the molten steel is poured and set in a continuous caster (a small swiveling wheel on a leg of furniture). This produces what are known as semi-finished products. These can be either slabs which have a rectangular cross-section or blooms or billets which have a square cross-section. They are the blanks which are used to form the finished product.Lastly, these semi-finished products are transformed or "rolled" into finished products. Some of these experience a heat treatment known as "hot rolling". More than half the hot rolled sheet is followed by being rolled again at cooler temperatures (known as "cold rolling"). After that it can then be coated with an anti-corrosion protective material.Why was Nicolas Appert's method for preserving cooked food so important for Napoleon's troops?In 1795 the French government offered a prize of 12,000 francs to the person who could develop an effective method of preserving food in order to provide the French troops with daily amounts in order to keep the armies well supplied while on a march. Nicolas Appert's solution was to put food in bottles, as it is done with wine. He experimented with various techniques before reaching a conclusion: food could be preserved if it were heated to boiling point and sealed in an airtight glass jar. In 1809 Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was grateful to have a safe method of preserving food for troops in foreign lands. He personally awarded Nicolas Appert the prize of 12,000 francs. Without Nicolas Appert's method of preserving cooked food, Napoleon would have lost numerous numbers of troops, they would have caught food poisoning from the unpreserved food or the food might have contained bacteria, making it impossible for him to win his battles. Nicolas Appert's method became widespread quite quickly due to how simple and workable it was. However a British inventor Peter Durand decided that Nicolas Appert's invention would be more practical if the container were metal rather than breakable glass. In 1810 he received a patent for creating a cylindrical canister made of iron coated with tin, creating the modern day process of canning foods.Nearly one decade later, Nicolas Appert's model of canning foods had immigrated to America; however the tin can mass production was not common until the beginning of the 20th century. The effects of this technology in the modern society are Hygienic and practical. Practical because it makes it easy to store away, transport (not...

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