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Metallica Essay

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IntroductionMetallica was a band that that started out in the garage of one of the members when they were in high school. The band went through many changes and tragedies and found solutions for them and somehow remained playing. They started in 1980 as one of the first, if not the first Black/Metal band. Their popularity decreased in 1987 and form there they went on to become really popular later on.Summary Metallica started playing in 1980 and are still a band to this day. They have gone through many changes over the years. The original members of the band were James Hetfeild, Lars Ulrich, Dave McGovney, and Dave Mustain. Hetfeild was the rhythm guitarist and singer. Lars is a very great drummer. McGovney was the original bass player. And Dave Mustain was the original lead guitarist. Lars first began playing at the age of 13 when his grandmother brought him home a cheap set of drums which he pounded in. He was inspiried and began to like music after his father took him to a Deep Purple concert. His family migrated from Denmark to Newport Beach, California in 1980 to find the sunny climate to play tennis. After that he met the band as friends and then began to play.Hetfeild went to Downey East Middle School where he started playing in the auditorium on the stage with friends. Three years later his mother died of cancer. There was a song written in memory of her memory titled 'The God that Failed.' Then he moved to L.A. where he met the band. Lars knew Kirk but he already had enough guitars in the band. Eventually Dave Mustain was kicked out of the band because he disagreed with everyone. McGovney followed with him. Kirk was...

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2461 words - 10 pages “Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire”, if one doesn’t know where this famous lyric has come from, the band Metallica would be the answer. Metallica is a lethal, energetic, up tempo metal band that has been around since October 1, 1981. Screeching of the guitar, double bass pedal of the drums, deep noises of the bass, and a recognizable voice, Metallica is the only band where no band could do it any better. Metallica started

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1242 words - 5 pages band can be the representative of the heavy metal style in the 1980’s. Metallica was formed on October 15, 1981 by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Lars played the drums while James was on vocals and guitar. Kirk Hammett joined the band in 1982 and became the band’s lead guitarist. Metallica’s bass player was Jason Newsted, after their first bassist, Cliff Murton, was killed in a bus crash. It was on March fourteenth that Metallica played their first

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765 words - 3 pages the question, are programs like Napster illegal or does the program actually have some validity.There are several people against the use of programs like Napster. The band Metallica filed the first federal suit against Napster. The band is suing the company for copyright infringement and racketeering. Lars Ulrich, the band drummer says; "Napster hijacked our music without asking. They never sought out permission. Out catalog of music simply

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702 words - 3 pages crisis for copyright, so that they sued the company that produced Napster. “Anger leads Metallica to the Internet,” an article by Karen Schubert in USA TODAY, noticed that heavy-metal band Metallica was suing Napster. And now some people in the music industry are fighting with a distributor of P2P software even in the Supreme Court, and lobbying to outlaw P2P technology. In “File sharing goes to High Court,” USA TODAY reports that the Supreme Court

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834 words - 3 pages Metallica is an American based band formed in 1981, by guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. They placed an ad in the local newspaper about forming a band, thus recruiting Ron McGovney. The band chopped and changed into the Metallica we have today, consisting of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. In 1983 the band released their first album "Kill 'Em All". The views in their songs increased

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603 words - 2 pages return to their normal rank of lead guitar, keyboard, bass, then drums. Listen to a guitar solo in a Metallica song or a drum solo in a Korn song. Then listen to Rossini's "William Tell Oveture" and how every instrument plays as the lead instrument at different points.Classical orchestral music and modern rock music have fundamental differences that obviously separate the styles but because modern rock lacks the beautiful harmonics, structure, and

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822 words - 3 pages have been primarily anti-Napster. The first action to be taken against Napster was sued by the band Metallica. In April of 2000, Metallica sued Napster Inc. for copyright infringement. Napster banned some 300,000 users who allegedly downloaded Metallica songs to settle the case out of court. Napster Inc. was sued again in June 2000, for copyright infringement by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), a trade group representing the US

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1488 words - 6 pages know that your CD won't be lost forever because you made a copy of it. Many times you don't like all the songs on a CD. You can then copy the songs you like, get rid of the ones you don't like, and add different ones that you do like. For example, I like taking all my Metallica CDs and making my own "Best of Metallica Mix." Why is pirating music ok? Well, there are several reasons why allowing people to share music can be beneficial to

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2134 words - 9 pages rock, to heavy metal. Their satanic and doom-like imagery virtually sold the group to millions of young fans. Death, black magic, and Devil worship gave to the youth of the mid 1970’s, new behaviors towards music. The style that Black Sabbath had created, brought fourth new bands, such as Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer. The style that Black Sabbath had created, was Heavy Metal. (Milward 3). Later in time, new metal bands such as Judas Priest

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1385 words - 6 pages Upon first hearing the song One by Metallica many would assume it is just a heavy metal song that has no true meaning to its lyrics other than to sound abrasive and frightening. However this song in particular has a much deeper meaning than just to scare listeners. The song is based on the anti-war novel Johnny Got His Gun written by Dalton Trumbo in 1029. In order to understand the song in its entirety we must first be able to understand the

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2327 words - 9 pages Zeb Kirby English 106 November 30, 2000 The band was born in the early 80s and is still in the making. The rock band has had many hits including some Grammy award winners. The group has had its up and downs as a band. I saw them in concert three years ago in Cincinnati. You can see Metallica in concert about any place in the world. I did this research on Metallica and the band's history because I don't know that much on them. There are a few

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