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Thinking back to your own childhood you would realize your parents did their best to keep you fervid and only punish if you did wrong. For Gregor he was treated the opposite , In The Metamorphosis Kafka portrays Gregors neglectful father by showing lack of love , isolation and treating Kafka as an actual bug rather than a son. If Gregor's father Mr Samsa did not neglect him Gregor would still feel like a bug because of the other things going on, such as having a stressful job, no close friends, and overall no one to vent to. Gregor is a young boy with no love in his way. From the beginning of the story Gregor woke up feeling terrible, it turned out he woke as a bug. If you feel that ...view middle of the document...

“ Started brandishing the cane and the newspaper to drive Gregor back in his room. (Kafka 19)”. Showing the abusive punishment he is capable of Mr. Samsa is only making the situation worst. Instead of understanding Gregor and trying to help, Mr. Samsa would rather abuse Gregor. “It is generally agreed Kafka lived with depression and social anxiety throughout his entire life” Abusive relationships , or child abuse can lead to mental, physical problems. Problems such as self harm, self conconsicnise, and anti-social behaviors. “About 80% of 21-year-olds who were abused as children met criteria for at least one psychological disorder”. Contributing to the social anxiety Kafka was depressed which is the result of child abuse. “It has to go” (Grette 52) says Gregor sister, stating that they must forget the fact that Gregor is a bug and they must get rid of him,“It” is referred to as Gregor. As Deborah states“Mironov excels not only in physical mimicry, but in portraying Gregor's pathetic dignity as he humbly accepts the fact that his formerly loving family now completely rejects him. Locked in his room with all the curtains drawn, fed scraps of garbage by his sister, he climbs the walls and ceiling, leaving slime marks everywhere. Here the stow grinds to a halt, as there is nothing left for Gregor to do but dream of happy childhood memories. Without his income, the family is forced to rent a room to three demanding lodgers, whom Fokin rather dodgily turns into orthodox rabbis. When Gregor scares them away, even his sister screams he must be got rid of, and he lets himself die in the...

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