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Mr. Samsa's transformationHassan TariqDr. WENDY EBERLE-SINATRA603-102-04 LITERARY GENRES section 24March, 16, 07In Peter Kuper's graphic novel, "Metamorphosis", the main character, Gregor is not the only one to experience a transformation. Gregor's transformation may be the theme of the story but Mr. Samsa's transformation is also important. As a result of Gregor's metamorphosis, Gregor's father, Mr. Samsa also experiences a major transformation in his life. After Gregor changes in to a bug, Mr. Samsa becomes more active and he starts to take more responsibility for his family.In the beginning of the story, on pages 36 and 37, Mr. Samsa really looks relaxed. He is sitting idle on his easy chair, reading his newspaper. Gregor's mother is taking care of him. He has nothing to worry about. After Gregor's transformation he is forced to become more active; he stops sitting idle and starts to look for some work. His character and activities are completely changed. Even his wardrobe changes, his clothes are more formal and he is properly dressed.On page 47; in the last picture, Mr. Samsa looks more healthy and powerful than before. Kuper has drawn his character a little bigger which means, he is dominating the house. Kuper also uses a special kind of speech balloon to show his speech. The balloon is bigger and bolder then usual. Gregor looks terrified because of Mr. Samsa's power. His face expression makes him look very angry; there are some heat waves coming from Mr. Samsa's head which shows his power. All his power demonstrates that he has the total control over the family.Before the transformation, Gregor was the main provider for his family. He used to take care of the home. He earned the money and was responsible for everything. After he becomes a bug he isn't able to take on all these responsibilities any more, so Mr. Samsa becomes the main provider for the family. He didn't want to be the main character of the house but he was forced to become one. As he say's" So this is the peace of my old age." (Kuper, 53) this tells, that he doesn't really like all this and wants to be free of responsibility once again.Now that Mr. Samsa becomes the main character of the...

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