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Metamorphosis In "For Everything There Is A Season

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The poem "For Everything There Is a Season" reminds us that life is not static and that the world as we know it could change in a single day. It explains that there's always good and bad in life, however, in order to get to the good, you have to go through the bad. Life takes us through different journeys and sometimes we can't control what will happen next. The only thing that we could do is wait and hope for the best. Like the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. I learned the hard way what it is to have hope when I heard the news that my brother was being deployed to Iraq. The result of my brother's service in Iraq was that I became more politically active, it taught me that life is precious and unpredictable, and I grew closer to my family. Political issues were never my concern. I wasn't very aware of or worried about what was going on in the world until the tragic event on September 11th. It was a rude awakening. My initial reaction was utter terror. What will this event lead to? Is this the beginning of World War III? The far reaching impact of 9/11 didn't fully register until my brother was actually deployed to Iraq. Even though Iraq was not found to be responsible for the Twin Towers, the events of that day launched President Bush into an aggressive anti-terrorism course. President Bush probably acted much more rashly and aggressively with Saddam Hussain because he felt he had to retaliate. I was angry at the fact that our country fought a war that was avoidable. Furthermore, I was angry that my brother had to risk his life for reasons that were not fully disclosed to him. At this point, I started paying attention to Bush's foreign policy in Iraq, or as the media deemed it, "Operation Iraqi Freedom." In reality, this war had more to do with proving something to the world than with bringing democracy to the people of Iraq. It took all these events for me to finally start paying attention to world issues. It is hard to appreciate what one has until it is taken away from you. People find it hard to comprehend that yes, bad things can and do eventually befall on you and your...

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