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Metamorphosis Theme Paper

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Depression comes from the alienation and isolation that is brought upon someone. Franz Kafka in The Metamorphosis uses the main character, Gregor, to show the idea of depression. Through the book, Gregor’s family, work, and social life all show signs of separation from the normal interactions. His family ignores his presence and does not appreciate the hard work he does for them. He spends most of his time as a traveling sales man where is forced to work harder than other co-workers. Between all the hours of working, the only hours he has off he spent at home and does not decide to create a social life instead.
As a traveling sales man, Gregor is alienated from the rest of his co-workers and does not like his job. As Kafka goes more in depth of Gregor’s job, he describes of him working harder while others relax. “For instance, when during the course of the morning I go back to the hotel to copy out the order I’ve received, these fine gentlemen are just having their breakfast.” (Kafka 12). The readers understand his boss is hard on him and his associates are treated differently also. Not only is he away from home and deprived from a social life, he does not even get to enjoy his job. Even if he wanted to enjoy his work, he cannot because he is afraid to lose his job. “I should try that with my boss; I’d be fired on the spot.” (Kafka 12). His boss did not like him and neither did his colleagues. Gregor’s work place alienated him, which lead to his depression.
The family of Gregor owed a debt, which caused him to go out and work for the family leaving him more separated from his loved ones. From the start, Kafka defines his family as nothing but useless since the only worker is their son who wants to just leave them. “Now, I haven’t given up all hope yet; once I have the money together to pay off my parents’ debt.” Said Gregory (Kafka 12). Since the family depends on him for money, he tries his best to provide for them though. Right now he keeps the job he dislikes and that is his only life since his job requires him to move around and sometimes stay in hotels. The requirements...

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