Metaphysical Comparison Between Sonnet 18 And Friends Departed

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Henry Vaughan’s “Friends Departed” and Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” both make use of scintillating visual imagery and continual conceit in their delivery. Each investigates human existence; Sonnet 18 emphasizes its impermanence, while Friends Departed focuses on its divine nature. Both use conceits and their metaphysical construction in order to instill upon the reader’s mind the imagery of feeling that they wish to express for their subjects.“Sonnet 18” is an elaboration on a conceit formed in the opening sentence of the poem. The speaker claims the subject is comparable to a summer’s day. In some ways this is used as a very positive metaphor, as summer days are quite lovely and scenic. Summer, like most things, is imperfect; it consists of short days that tend to be “shaken by rough winds.” Therefore comparing the subject to it is also actually a strategy to improve the standing of the subject. It may be interpreted that comparing someone to a summer’s day has a negative connotation to it; summer could also represent shallow beauty that changes on a cyclical whim. The metaphor continues throughout the duration of the poem, going into detail about why the subject’s characteristics are optimal to those of summer. By the end of the poem, the speaker begins to take the metaphor so seriously that he accidentally/on purpose beings to refer to the subject of the poem as a summer’s day; he calls her “temperate” and refers to her “eternal summer.” Vast amounts of imagery are used throughout the poem. It discusses the “darling buds of May,” the “gold complexion,” Death’s “shade.” Vivid details help dramatize the points the speaker makes. The structure is a question followed by answers and comparisons, all having a masculine rhyme scheme. The central theme of this poem is inpermanence. Summer days are short, seasons end, and people die. Despite all the flattery, the speaker realizes that if nothing be done, the subject’s “eternal summer” would indeed end. Therefore, despite all the time he’s spent talking about her seemingly divine features, he tells her that her beauty will be kept immortal not through their love but through this poem. Perhaps he thought that like the summer day that he referred to so much, their relationship was not destined to last. Perhaps the reason why the speaker needed to write this poem was because he wanted to ensure that their love survives on paper even if it doesn’t survive in reality.In “Friends Departed,” Vaughan makes a conceit out of death and vision. The mystique of this poem comes from the personal connection we make with the speaker. It permits us to truly empathize with him. We have all felt loneliness at some point, and this speaker’s sense of emptiness touches something in each of us. We can only imagine the feeling of having all of your friends dead....

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