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FletcherChe110-14111-30-05Extra Credit ReportOne MoleculeBMCCMethadone a synthetic opioid that is used as the hydrochloride. It is an opioid analgesic that is primarily a mu-opioid agonist. It has actions and uses similar to those of morphine. It also has a depressant action on the cough centre and may be given to control intractable cough associated with terminal lung cancer. Methadone is also used as part of the treatment of dependence on opioid drugs, although prolonged use of methadone itself may result in dependence. They include codeine, morphine and heroin. In the brains of addicts, methadone prevents heroin or morphine from interacting with receptors for natural painkillers called endorphins , blocking the effects of the addictive drugs and reducing the physical cravings. In controlled doses it creates its own effects of mild euphoria and drowsiness, but lasts much longer and does not create the sometimes fatal respiratory depression that opiates do. Its continued use as a heroin substitute eventually restores sexual, immune, and adrenal function. When methadone is given to a heroin addict who is later withdrawn from methadone, the addict will undergo methadone withdrawal instead of the more severe heroin withdrawal.Methadone molar mass is molar mass: 309.49 g/mol and its balanced equation is C21H27NO:HCl and its molecular weight is 345.91. Each mL contains methadone hydrochloride, 10 mg (0.029 mmol), and sodium chloride, 0.9%. Sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid may have added during manufacture to adjust the pH. The 20-mL vials also contain chlorobutanol (chloroform derivative), 0.5%, as a preservative.The side effects are relief from pain , feeling of well being, nausea , vomiting , pupils of the eye become smaller , body temperature drops, blood pressure and pulse slow down , uneasiness , yawning , diarrhea ,stomach cramps ,runny nose ,sleeping difficulties ,and joint pain. Methadone may also affect a person's ability to drive a car or operate heavy machinery. Consumers would debate this due to factual information of people on the right dosage leading normal lives. Long term effects of methadone include increased sweating and constipation....

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962 words - 4 pages say that the usage would decrease. The HIV virus can also be transmitted through the mixing water for heroin (The International Education Association). HIV can also be transmitted through blood mixing, saliva, and breast milk to name a few other ways than the use of a needle (HIV Transmission). Methadone maintenance programs are accredited institutions that are licensed to administer methadone as a substitute to treat people’s addiction to

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1342 words - 5 pages affiliated to a free complementary Universal Health Insurance (“CMU”) for delivery of ORT; therefore, they are probably overrepresented in EGB. In contrast with HDB that is most frequently delivered in retail pharmacies, early treatment with methadone is frequently directly obtained in hospital pharmacies or in centers specialized in the treatment of drug abuse. These deliveries are not reported in EGB. Our results provide nevertheless an

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1496 words - 6 pages reported by police vary by area: $250-300 per gram in the Northwest to$150 per gram in Colorado, to $60-70 per gram in the East. This is due, in part, to the type of heroin available (Mexican, Southeast Asian, Colombian). Purity is also variable from lows of less than 10 percent in the Northwest to highs of more than 60 percent in the East.Heroin is such an addictive drug that it needs substantial detoxification treatment. Methadone maintenance is the

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1460 words - 6 pages Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban), Disulfiram (Antabuse), Naltrexone (ReVia, Depade), Methadone (Dolophine), and Buprenorphine (Temgesic, Suboxone). Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban) is used in the Pharmacotherapy of Nicotine Addiction. Bupropion is an anti-depressant that stimulates a release of a chemical called dopamine in the reward center area of the brain that causes pleasure (Healthwise, 2009). When an individual smokes, dopamine is released

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1066 words - 4 pages linger for as long as a couple months. There are a variety of treatments for addiction that include methadone programs, LAAM, buprenorphine, and behavioral therapies. Methadone programs have been around the longest and have been proven effective. Methadone is taken once a day orally. It suppresses cravings, enables patients to perceive pain and have emotional reactions, and blocks the effects of heroin if it is used

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1455 words - 6 pages . Success in those terms has eluded all of the currently accepted treatment methods except methadone maintenance (Ashly 170). Methadone maintenance is not an abstinence program. Methadone is a narcotic powerful enough to block the effects of heroin. Methadone treatments were developed in response to the clear failure of all established treatment programs. The methadone treatment programs are still used today and have been very successful; some

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1758 words - 7 pages , and it is clear through the treatment that they focus on eliminating the relationship between the substance and the addict and reconnecting the addict to the real world. Upon reviewing one of their methadone programs (a program in which helps stabilize patients who are addicted to opiates), I noticed that they focus on opioids, which are a form of painkillers, and through one of their programs involves counselling, treatment plans, daily doses of

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1377 words - 6 pages exhibit various developmental problems states The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.” The most common maternal complications are: Malnutrition, venereal disease, hepatitis, pulmonary complications, preeclampsia and third-trimester bleeding. While fetal death, intrauterine growth retardation, prematurity and withdrawal symptoms affect the fetus and neonate. teaches that there is controversy about treating addicts with methadone during

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2501 words - 10 pages gain federal funding, they will continue to run under private funding, making access to these sites limited to only areas where funding has been obtainable. Many addicts without access to those locations will not receive this much-needed help. Another program already under use in the United States and endorsed by harm reduction experts is providing methadone to heroin addicts. Methadone is a synthetic substitute for heroin, and by administering


600 words - 2 pages opium. It can actually be removed from crude opium. You can remove small, white crystals from the opium, which are crushed and eaten to get high, or injected for medical use.         Codeine is another narcotic, which is highly addictive. It is 1/10 the strength of crude opium. It is commonly found in cough syrups, although if you want to get pure codeine, you need a prescription.         Methadone is a narcotic made only in

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542 words - 2 pages out of these groups usually depends on how much they put into them, and it can always be questionable the quality of the particular group and the type of people and support that can be received. On a negative side, a person might have to try several different groups to find the best fit for them and that person might quit before they find that best match.Methadone clinics offer a type of therapy that replaces one hard drug with methadone another

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1588 words - 6 pages following bar graph summarises the findings (Mean values): Figure 2: Bar chart showing the savings that could be achieved using co-prescribed methadone in heroin-addicted patients (10) Thus far in the study, one can observe that even though on face value the cost of using heroin in conjunction to methadone in the treatment of drug addicted patients seems considerably higher. The implications on society in terms of less use of public health