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Methamphetamine         Methamphetamine A Drug That Creates A High That Makes

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MethamphetamineMethamphetamine a drug that creates a high that makes the body speddy, alert, and awake is a growing problem in society today. It has an interesting history with medicine, wars, and a common daily use and is now a multi-million dollar black market problem with the war on drugs. It can be made with the simple use of a cold medicine very cheaply, and sold for ten times what its worth. When made, the drugs are made in big batches to distribute and sell. The drug is being used by a growing number of people ranging from common housewives, movie stars, and even teenagers. Kamikazes loved it, it was Hitlers drug of choice, and bikers and truckers transported it around creating the word crank.There are many possibilities of the beginning for the use of the drug; there are three popular ones. One possibility for the use may have started with Japanese soldiers in World War II. The Japanese army made and distributed this drug for their soldiers to stay awake and alerted. The second possibility is that the addiction started in Taiwan with their cold medicines. Taiwan manufactured a cold medicine that is similar to the U.S.?s Sudafed that had amphetamines in it which kept patients wide-awake from their groggy colds. Soon patients were starting to get addicted to the medicine, and kept on taking it even after they felt better. Those who were addicted were trying to make a more potent form of the medicine, thus methamphetamine was born. With different chemicals, and extracting the pills for its amphetamine, a pure form of it was made. The third possibility is that scientists in America created the drug for blue collared workers such as truck drivers, and construction workers that needed to work long hours.Methamphetamine is a crystal rock-like form that can be turned into either pure powder, or liquid. It can be smoked, snorted, ingested, and injected, and each one making a different high. Snorting and ingesting creates a stable feeling of quickness form the drug that stays in the body for one to three hours. Snorting it allows it into the blood streams in the brain, and ingesting it allows it to...

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