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Methapor In Oedipus By Sophocles Essay

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Oedipus Media Assignment
The pack of sure-foot Fates will track him down.
The metaphor is presented by “the pack of sure-foot Fates” which refers to a pack of hounds that will catch their target no matter what and track them down. Significantly proving that it is impossible to escape your fate, yet alone outrunning a pack hounds. This is an image of a pack of hounds tracking the killer in a Forest. The symbol on the collar is to portray them as Fate. The dark figure of the Laius’ murderer is not known to the chorus. However, they believe that Fate will not fail to track down the killer. The words “the pack of sure-foot fates will track” invokes a visual sense of a scene with trained canines desperately looking for a target.
Apollo to the hunt will run the man to earth / Through savage woods and stony caverns. / A lone wounded bull he limps lost and alone, / dodging living echoes…
The metaphor is represented by Apollo’s prophecies chasing a lone wounded bull who desperately ...view middle of the document...

For Once/ The winged and female Sphinx /Challenged him and found him sound / and a friend of the city. So never in my mind at least / Shall he be guilty of the crime.
The metaphor is presented in this passage by presenting Oedipus as a hero who has defeated a greater evil, the sphinx. “So never in my mind at least shall he be guilty of the crime” describes the faith the chorus has in Oedipus believing that hero’s can never be wrong. Oedipus was crowned the king after he saved the city of Thebes from the Sphinx. This passage focuses on the history of the city. Thebans believe that Oedipus is a friend of the city, he is loyal towards it, and he would not do anything to harm it. Without solid proof, they would never think of the savior as Laius’ murderer. The city is personified. Sphinx is harming the city and Oedipus, who defeats the Sphinx, appears to be the hero of the city. The curse of the female Sphinx significantly benefits Oedipus since without defeating it he would not have been the king of Thebes nor is he a prime suspect of Laius’ murder.
Heaven-born, No father but Olympus nor / Fading genesis from man. Great is God in them / And never old / Whom no oblivion lulls.
The metaphor in this passage is the comparison of power between fate chosen by the gods and Oedipus a man. No matter how hard Oedipus tries to escape his fate, the limitless powers of the gods will catch up to him. As the “fading genesis from man” will not be able to do anything about it. Chorus is forming a contrast of power between gods and man in this passage. With this we can easily picture the gods playing with the life of humans like toys. The divine power they possess to live limitlessly, unafraid of aging or death. At the same time, humans are the prey of diseases, deaths, sorrows, etc ... In the end; the chorus is just describing the power of Gods following it by the cons of man.
A foot against fate’s stone. / But the true and patriotic man/ Heaven never trips to fall.
Chorus again shows their belief in chorus. The imagery is presented by a man walking and tripping on a stone. Yet, Thebans believe that a true and patriotic man never falls due to fate. The chorus supports Oedipus and still believes that he is not the killer.

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