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In the order to answer the thesis statement of this study as to which playing surface- third generation artificial turf or grass is safer and has lower injury risk in playing football, the researcher will get data from NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association especially that NCAA keeps records on injury and related incidents for every football matches participated in by leading universities for their surveys on injury and some related incidents. The researcher will take five teams from male and female category from each season for 2010 and 2011. Hence, a total of 20 teams will be the respondents. Further, records of injury risks and incident which occurred during the pre-season, in-season and post-season will also be included on the assessment of the data for injury of football matches which were done on third generation artificial turf and grass.
Using the meta-analysis, the following points will be addressed: a) comparison on acute injuries during football matches and/ or training on a third-generation artificial turf surfaces with that matches done over grass surfaces; b) examine players who played on both surfaces instead of teams that utilized surfaces respectively; c) use injury definition as described by Fuller (2010), and d) record the exposure of the teams in terms of time and injury occurrences in artificial turf and in natural grass.
The research will used the method used by Soligard, Bahr & Andersen (2010) wherein records from the coaches and referees regarding the injuries and incidents that occurred were utilized. Hence, the researcher will obtain records of each football team from their trainers/coach or health professionals in order to assess and analyze details about the severity and types of injury cases which occurred during the matches and trainings. Other factors to be noted in the research are the playing condition both during training and on the actual match, gender and the age of the players playing for all the selected teams. Moreover, the values for all acute injuries regardless of its type will also be recorded. Injuries of specific types and locations which were found to be consistent injury cases in most of the researches conducted will be studied in this research. These injuries include acute knee injuries, ankle and foot injuries,...

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