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Methodology And Explanations Essay

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b. Theory and methodology
The feminist research was applied to redefine the concept of security from two sides, one as a concept of Arab Political Thought, another as the result of Jordanian women understanding of security. The Arab school of thought and the Arab feminist agenda are important resources from the current research, human security being part of both, a declared priority, a policy and a trend.
The case study of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an original piece of work, the result of one academic year period as a research assistant in the Internship Programme of the Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, where I have participated in events of the centre and ...view middle of the document...

This case study generated a multitude of qualitative-interpretive observations that reflect social relations, organizational practices, actions, interactions and routines.
Contemporary case study scholars promote the combining of quantitative and qualitative methods and give much attention to design and scientific rigor, with systemized and verifiable case study procedures, shaping that I consider appropriate for the interpretive understanding of human security through feminist lenses. Security studies are an interdisciplinary domain, combining soft science approaches of Social Science and Humanities, with the hard framework of Political and Military Science.
The research has multiple parameters to understand, dealing with security issues and feminism as required the methodology that contextualized best the studied issue, the use of the case study showing the empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon in depth and within its real life context, as so many variables of interest and understanding of the dynamics found in particular settings were looking for the same result. The triangulation made possible by multiple data collection methods, interview, questionnaire and participatory observation, providing what in theory is known as stronger hypotheses.
In order to meet the research objectives, the thesis, and specially the case study, was designed using sufficient material as is necessary , from various viewpoints requiring the same result to answer research questions. The interview is one of the most used research and investigation tool in social and political science, resulting in a large amount of knowledge that gives both to the researcher, and to the public view, the basis for interpretations. Each of the four types of accepted interview techniques in academic research, structured, semi-structured, unstructured and non-directive interviews, have been used during the research process, as I participated in...

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