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Methods Used For Data Collection Essay

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Data Collection Instruments
Data collection is a term used to describe a process of preparing and collecting data. The main purpose of collecting data is to answer questions whose answers are not immediately obvious. Collecting this information is an important part of the process of continual developing and improving quality instruction in the classroom. To collect relative data for any evaluation, instruments are utilized to gather pertinent information. During this formative evaluation on fundamental keyboard instruction, five original instruments were developed to collect relevant data.
Instruments Used for SME Phase
A subject matter expert (SME) is a person who is an expert in a particular area or topic. The SME selected is currently serving as the Career and Development Coordinator at Elkin City Schools. This administrator previously taught business courses, particularly high school computer proficiency courses for more than 22 years. She has been instrumental, within this school system, in developing a full spectrum of courses beginning with computer fundamentals to a level of mastery. Her input, backed by her extensive knowledge and expertise, will greatly benefit in the identification of any gaps or misconceptions that may currently exist within this designed instructional unit.
In order to identify these gaps and misconceptions, an interview, with a predefined questionnaire, will be conducted with the SME (Appendix A). The SME will be given the proposed instructional unit. Following ample time to review this unit, the evaluator will meet with the SME to discuss the findings. Of particular interest, feedback will be solicited on the relevant time spent on the instruction, accuracy and value of the content, and sequencing of the instruction. These SME findings will be used to guide any revisions needed to improve the content of the instructional unit.
Instruments Used for One-on-One
Two students will serve in the one-on-one evaluation stage. One male student will be of average intellectual ability with no identifiable needs. The second female student is identified as an English as a Second Language student with an English proficiency. Although this student has reached English proficiency, she will offer insight to possible language barriers through her past experience as an English Language Learner.
A rubric (Appendix B) will be the primary data collection tool used during the instructional unit. This rubric will be used by the teacher to observe student performance of the skills taught during the unit. The rubric will be utilized on multiple occasions during the unit allowing for feedback to the students. As this is a skills-based unit of instruction, there should be an increase in rubric scores throughout the unit, giving students a sense of accomplishment and increasing student motivation. Once students have received all content instruction, a post-assessment (Appendix C) will be administered in...

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