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Methods Of Birth Assessment Essay

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During pregnancy woman are face with the option of how they will deliver there offspring. There are different forms of childbearing for woman to choose from most females tend to go with the method they feel is less painful and safiest for the baby. Finding the right method on delvering a child is very necessary because some procedures may not be dommed safe it depends on the mothers health condition.
The most common childbearing practice that majority of woman choose to have is a Natural birth. Natural birth is when a women delivers a baby from her vaginia without any medicines. There are three different steps to this process to delivering a child. First step the female should being ...view middle of the document...

In certain circumstances, a c-section is scheduled in advance. In others, it's done in response to an unforeseen complication”( BabyCentre Medical Advisory Board , n.d). Over the last 20 years america has seen a major increase in children being delivered through Caesarean section. Caesarean sections are usually the last option when it comes to delivering a child because the con’s outweight the pro’s and the doctor often decideds if a Caesarean section. A pro to having a caesarean section is if you having trouble vaginially delivering the child its less time consuming and safer for the mother. Also a pro with caesarean section a doctor can examine a womans body and commonly have and ideal if a c –section might have to take place so the female will no ahead of time to prepare herself in case a c-section does hav to take place. The con’s of having a caesarean setion is catching and infection. After being cut by a knife and having your stomach stitched back up and bandaged if your not properly treating your area infections can occur which wouldn’t be good. Secondly the pain that you would endure from having a caesarean would be extreme. “You will feel pain for a while after the operation, and will take longer to recover than if you'd had a vaginal birth. You'll probably feel pain in your wound and discomfort in your tummy for a few weeks after the operation, while your body heals”( BabyCentre Medical Advisory Board,2013). Lastly the recovery time of having the caesarean section procedure is longer than any other childbearing practice. Woman who had c-section have to stay in the hosipital longer than woman who deliver vaginally and are bed rest longer also so the whole process is time consuming and very painful.
Another from of childbearing method is medicated delivery. “Medicated childbirth is another option for those who want to dull or eliminate the pain of childbirth. Medicate usually involves the use of analgesics, or, in special cases, general anesthesia”( Nina DuBois,n.d). This form of delivery are for those woman...

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