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Today’s Technology extends over a lot of different components that we are exposed to daily. There are three areas that I will discuss and go into detail on just how much Technology has affected Sports, beginning in the 1800’s. These improvements are more beneficial than just for the fan experience. The areas that I will speak of will point out just how much Technology has brought significant improvements and benefits for the coaches, athletes, referees, fans and venues.
First, technology has helped coaches and players in areas of education, enhancements and quick recovery for athlete injuries. The coaches have upgraded from using white chalkboards to tablets in the locker room increasing the ability to demonstrate and show play by play details of different situations. Coaches have the ability to do side-by-comparisons on athletes that assist with coaching. The high definition digital equipment allows the coaches to get a better view and identify the mistakes with the frame-by-frame option. Athletes are taking advantage of the new technology as well. The new Nike Strobe eyewear is helping athletes get a competitive edge. The Nike Strobe is an integrated method that allows the athlete to improve their sensory skills and the ability to see better. (Newcomb, 2012) The athlete who succumbs to injuries can allow Doctors to use this new technology in Invasive Surgery. The injuries that use to require athletes to have a long recovery are now allowing athletes to have a quicker recovery period.
Equipment has improved greatly in a lot of different areas of sports also. Helmets were introduced into football to prevent skull fractures and subdural hematoma in the early 1900s. They’ve evolved over the past century from leather to the first hard plastic design in 1939 to models now made to address the concussion risk. Riddell, for instance, introduced the new helmet revolution in 2002 in response to data that highlighted the risk of concussion from blows to the side of the head and face. This model extended the helmet shell to cover the jaw and added energy-absorbing material to those areas. Their latest model, the 360, features a flexible face mask that can help absorb the energy of hits to the front of the helmet. (Verentas, 2013) Football helmets were not required when the game of football began in the eighteen hundreds. Between the years of 1920 and 1930 the helmet was made of soft leather and eventually it was made of harder leather. It wasn’t until 1939, that John Riddell introduced the first plastic football helmet with a face mask. The intent was to make something stronger, safer and more durable than the helmets once used. The NFL banned the helmets once a player cracked it nine times within one season. In 1949, John Riddell, announced the new updated helmet that consisted of molded polycarbonate plastic and high tech cushioning system and the tubular facemask. The NFL is currently in the progress of working on the details of...

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