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Ways To Establish A Small Business

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In this modern era, being smart academically, having a bachelor or master title cannot guarantee a person from having a good job with a good salary. Some people don't satisfy with their current work because they think that the salary is small and they should deserve more, no wonder there are many people work in places that are very contrast with their study in the past. Nowadays there are many independent businesses running both online and offline such as online shops, restaurant, saloon, etc. Some may think that it is just a part-time job to have an extra salary, but the truth is, we can get a large amount of incomes if we have a good management skill. Establishing a small business can be easy or hard depending on the person's capability, relation, knowledge, and luck. There are several things that need to be done before the business could run, first is completing the business plans, second is finding partnerships, speculating the prices, and finally promoting.
When working on something, whether it is starting a new business, doing presentations, or even organizing a meeting; everything must be planned first to make sure that it can run smoothly. Planning something means able to determine the objective or purpose of doing it besides to determine the objectives, planning is mandatory to prevent fatal mistakes due to the lack of experience and ineffective strategy. In a business world, strategy, connections, and backup plans play a big role in determining whether the mission can be successful or not. Business planning can be divided again into several aspects; determining purposes and goals, calculations of capital, planning for the place that will be used in the future, and managing business license to the authority.
Determining objectives and purposes are essential for founding a new business; this is because entrepreneurs have to know what the things that they wish to accomplish from establishing a certain business. Desires that entrepreneurs possesses can be used as motivations for establishing the business. (“7 Langkah Membuat Usaha Sendiri”, 2012) desires that a person possesses may be a short-term such as successfully establish the business, have clients, to be known by many people or a long-term desire such as having an increasing income every year.
The next crucial thing that needs to be looked at is managing budget for the soon to established business. A good businessman should be able to calculate on how much money he or she would spend his or her career. In many cases an amateur businessman tends to miscalculate the budget, and ended up getting no profit at all. For beginners, there are many ways to obtain enough budgets to start a business. A small business may require small amount of budget ( two to tem millions) and it is possible to obtain the money from his or her own savings.(“tips mengawali usaha dengan modal kecil, 2013) on the other hand, if the business budget requires a lot of money, it is wise to ask for a loan from close...

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