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Methods To Increase Fluid Intelligence In "Can You Make Yourself Smarter? By Dan Hurley

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"Can You Make Yourself Smarter? Written by Dan Hurley first published in 2011 in The New York Times newspaper described ways to increase fluid intelligence, which allows people to manipulate data and solve problems.
The article was effective because of the use of examples to help readers relate to research that many would otherwise find boring.
The author starts the article out with a scene at an elementary school where classes of underprivileged students are working on their computers. A black cat appears on the screen. They must remember the last location of the cat. As the levels increase, so does the difficulty. The author argues through continued practice and training the students will improve their performance. Their fundamental mental ability is also known as fluid intelligence (I.Q.) Fluid intelligence is the ability to manipulate data and solve problems. We have seen the Coppertone suntan commercial where a 98-pound weakling gets sand kicked in his face and then works out in the gym and turns into a hulk, obviously with a suntan. The author "states you can work out your body through physical conditioning, but fluid intelligence as always been considered something that cannot be transformed through training.” In other words, there has not been a way to work out your brain and to build it d up the way the skinny kid on the beach build it up his body. As stated in the article hyperactivity and traumatic brain injury can benefit from this training. As a child growing up I suffered from hyperactivity and was placed on medications such as Ritalin which was used to control hyperactivity Since then studies have been conducted that have found out that Ritalin is probably not the best course of action. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan resulted in the multiple patients that come back from the combat zones with TBI new treatments that would benefit the wounded veterans would be welcomed. There is great hope that with the new renewed interest in training the brain many people will benefit.

Another reason the article was strong was the author used terms to help readers understand a subject that is not very relevant to everyday life.
In the...

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