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Mexican American Culture Essay

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Every culture has their own unique and distinguishing characteristics. One’s cultural identity defines who they are as an individual, group, and community. Their cultural identity may be reflected in numerous ways such as: language, communication styles, religion, beliefs, values, clothing, or other types of aesthetic markers. Cultural identity is formed by many of these traits but is not limited to these specifically. This essay will provide detailed information on Mexican Americans, and their ancestry and heritage. I will also explain about this cultures central beliefs and values, while incorporating information on Mexican Americans, cultural patterns, cultural identity, and their ...view middle of the document...

The Mexican American culture is known to be extremely family oriented. Although, extended family households are less common than their ancestor’s traditions, they still hold high emphasis on strong family ties (Landale, Oropesa, & Bradatan, 2006). These are a few examples of Mexican Americans distinguishable characteristics that are characteristic of them and their culture.
The Mexican American population is rapidly growing within the Unites States. Therefore, these individuals struggle daily with maintaining their cultural values, and beliefs in the realm of social pressures and standards of the European American ways. The health care and belief practices of many Mexican Americans are similar to those of Mexico. Many believe that when one is ill, the best option for curing, is to go to a natural “healer” as opposed to use of traditional Western medicine. An example that was in the article “Hispanic Families in the United States “is based on a Mexican American women that went to an American doctor when she was ill. He proceeded to inform her of an illness, she knew she had already acquired. He then told her there was nothing he could do besides give her a shot for comfort. She was then charged fifteen dollars for his services and that was that. After this experience she has reverted to only seeing a western doctor if she is extremely ill. Consequently, she continues to see a healer, she states “she has more trust and faith in these individuals than American doctors” (Landale et al., 2006). The Spanish language of Mexican Americans has continued to dominate their population regardless of the pressures to conform to an all English speaking vocabulary. Although, many are bilingual in today’s society, they have not abandoned their native language (Englekirk & Marin, 2014). Familism is a strong cultural belief among Mexican American families. They expect strong emotional support amongst one another, and believe in strong family obligations. Even in the 21st century traditional gender roles are still established among this culture. This includes the male, most likely being the dominant, autonomous, wage earner, of the family. While the female plays the role of caregiver, emotional supporter, and nurturer. (Knight, Gonzales, Saenz, Bonds, German, Deardorff, Roosa, & Updegraff, 2010, p. 3-4). According to Knight et al. (2010) this information is not valid among all Mexican Americans, but those who still hold traditional values, follow these rules.
The Mexican American cultures tend to fall into the mixture of low and high context categories, when referring to Edward T. Hall’s cultural taxonomies. This is most likely due to the enculturation into the American society. According to Lustig and Koester (2013) individuals of the Mexican decent comprised of high context cultures. They tend to be more indirect, and are less explicit when conveying information or messages to one another. These individuals’ lives are regulated by a...

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