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Mexican Mafia Essay

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The Mexican Mafia originated in the mid 1950's at the Deuel Vocational Institutue in Tracy, California.The Mexican Mafia patterned their organization after the Italian Mafia.The Mexican Mafia is also known as "La Eme" Their Main symbols are "La Eme", the mexican eagle with eme under it, the letters "MM", or the black hand print which is copied from the Italian Mafia.La Eme was the 1st prison gang in California, unlike other Mafia's this one was created in prison.La Eme was initially started to protect mexican-american inmates from other inmates and prison staff.The original members and founders of La Eme were Louis "Huero" Flores, Rodolfo "Cheyenne" Cadena, and Joe "Pegleg" Morgan A.K.A "Papa Joe", he was actually caucasian.La Eme is made up of mostly mexican-american males with a few exceptions. The first members were actually all East L.A gang members.La Eme first started out to protect mexican-american inmates but then it got involved into drug trade By the 1960's, La Eme controlled most narcotic traffic in California Prisons La Eme's main activities are drug trafficking , extortion, and internal discipline.La Eme's philosophy centers on ethnic solidarity and control of the drug trade.The requirements to join La Eme were that you to be of mexican or of mexican decent and you had to complete at least "one hit". Over the years admission to the organization has become more difficult now you have to pass a probation period and be voted in unanimously by 3 existing members.La Eme has 4 main rules: Don't be a informant (snitch), Don't be a homosexual or commit homosexual acts, Don't be a coward, and Don't disrespect or politic against another member.Death is a automatic sentence if you...

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