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Mexico: A Truly Equal Country? Essay

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The goal of the demand based financing component of health system reform was centered on differentiating between public and private sectors, as well as equal financing throughout the entire system. A huge focus of the demand based component of financial reform, was to differentiate between the public and private sectors of health related issues. Medical provision in the public sector consisted of stewardship issues that affected the entire population, such as transmittable diseases, research, planning, improvement of human resources and community services. Meanwhile, the private sector mainly covered personal casualties, shielding individuals from outrageously inflated prices through health insurance. Coverage was provided through the first and second level medical treatment offered through the Seguro Popular vital health care packages. The Mexican health system was bereft of money, as not enough states have invested in the national system due to the failures of individual families to contribute to the increasing health care reform budget. Improving horizontal and vertical coverage became two important objectives of Seguro Popular, the former to increase the amount of insured families in a hope to reach universal coverage, and the latter to improve the health care service benefits provided to the people. Not only was the long term stability of the system threatened by a lack of funding, but the quality of services delivered to citizens remained substandard as well.
A significant part of the 2003 health system reform was to refine the delivery of services to Mexican citizens, specifically through improving the availability and quality of medical care, as well as the overall efficiency of the system. The quality of available services had the potential to amend through the construction of new facilities and a greater investment in medical equipment to increase the efficiency of treatment, as well as improvement of infrastructure in existing medical centers, and additional staff to match changing demographic trends.As the population ages, a larger amount individual medical treatment is needed for non transmittable health problems such as cancer, cataracts and diabetes. (See Appendix F) An additional tactic of transforming capital to a “demand-base allocation” of health provision with patient choice of suppliers, is another hope for the reform with the idea that distribution of medical services based on patients’ needs and usage of medical care is more useful than the mere reality of services. Regardless, the Mexican health care system is extremely unequal, where only 55% of government funds go towards public health, while only 2% are put towards creating new hospitals and medical clinics, leading to a significant need of reform to better the system, especially for the severely underprivileged.
On the broadest terms, the reform of Seguro Popular has increased health accessibility and affordability for the lowest 20% of the population, although...

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