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Mexico And Usa Essay

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If one were to visit different countries and societies throughout the world, they may notice the many differences and similarities each region shares. This makes the world a very unique place because there is constant change and diversity everywhere we look, no matter the distance traveled. A prime example of this would be the similarities and differences between the United States of America and Mexico. Although the two are neighboring countries, there is a great deal of diversity amongst them that deserve a thorough examination.
Mexico has a total area of 1,964,275 square miles and is the 14th largest country in the world. The United States has a total area of 9,826,675 square miles and is ...view middle of the document...

These animals include deer, rabbits, possums, bear, sheep and even wild boar. There are two seasons in Mexico, the hot and wet season and then the cool season. The hot and wet season occurs from May all the way to October. The cool season is relatively short, starting in December and ending in February. The main language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. Mexico is a unique country because it is ran by a class system. The two classes consist of the Mestizos and the Indians. The Mestizos are superior to the Indians, as 60% of the Mexican population is Mestizos. The main religion practiced in Mexico is Roman Catholic. 82.7% of the Mexican population is of Roman Catholic faith. Family in Mexico is considered very important, and it provides a sense of stability. Families can vary from immediate family to extended families such as aunts, uncles and cousins; Close friends can also be considered family. The oldest male, usually the grandfather or great grandfather, is considered to be the head of the family.
United States of America share borders with both Canada and Mexico. USA also has a diverse landscape, with mountains in the west, plains in the central and mild mountains and hills in the east. The USA has very temperate climate, with three seasons including summer, fall, and winter. There are many different ethnic groups throughout the USA, such as White, Black and Asian among more. White is the main ethnic group, with about 79.96% of the population being White. The main language spoken is...

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