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Mgn Note And Ism Code Essay

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The MGN 20 was issued on 1997 by the UK Maritime Safety Agency in order to promote and establish a safe working environment, safeguard the health of the employees involved in the shipping industry and protect the environment before the compulsory implementation of the ISM code on 1998.

The MGN 20 note as mentioned in the reflective exercise brief can be said to be as a broad guideline for the adoption of safe working practices in the shipping industry. The mentioned note is strongly related to the ISM code which came into mandatory on 1998 since same principles applies although the risk assessment and risk management process was adopted in 2010 by amending the ISM code.

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It may be determined that the MGN note is practical and it is adopted by the shipping industry, nevertheless the health surveillance procedure may be impractical taking into consideration the modern working environment of seafarers onboard merchant vessels. It can be said that some of its elements are driven by common sense. Speaking from a personal experience while serving onboard ships as a cadet and 2nd Officer it is common sense that if you develop a skin rash or a minor injury then that particular task causing the symptom will be arrested and re-assessed, of course actions will be taken to eliminate such ailment and safe guard the overall health and well being of the seaman involved.

The health surveillance general scope and purpose may be incorporated in the risk identification and risk management procedure without the necessity of having separate procedures in controlling a health related risk. Health risks may be incorporated in a risk management process. For example within the organization that I am involved for certain routine tasks we had developed a risk assessment technical library describing a model through risks assessment completed examples for several routine maintenance tasks related not solely to safety and the protection of the environment but also to occupational health such as high level noises, manual handling (back pain protection), minor injuries (cuttings, skin irritation) etc.

Company's management decided to have the above briefly described risk...

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