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Case Study - Let It PourMy First Assignment as an Executive Assistantxxxxx xxxxxMGT350/Critical Thinking Strategies in Decision-MakingJuly 1, 2005Case Study - Let It PourMy First Assignment as an Executive AssistantCase AnalysisThe motto of Faith Community hospital rings loud and clear: "With the foundation and commitment of our spiritual heritage and values, our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve through a comprehensive continuum of services provided in collaboration with the partners who share the same vision and values" [p. 1]. The problems that Chris Smith and her boss, Pat are faced with, however, do not align with the motto as it stands.Faith Community Hospital is having several internal problems. There seems to be a communication disconnect in the interpretation of the mission statement by the hospital management and staff. Things are running rampant within the walls of the hospital. In addition, the ethical practices and standards of the entire staff are being compromised. While certain medical professionals will provide care to any patient who walks in the door, there are others who will not even look at a patient until medical insurance coverage is confirmed. Also, the financial reports are showing high rising costs per patient that can eventually put this not-for-profit agency out of business if something is not done to rectify the problem immediately.If things keep operating the way they have been, the hospital is looking at shutting down its doors. Coupled with the financial records, the disunity amongst the hospital staff is tarnishing the reputation and mission the hospital has worked so hard to achieve. Although there is one ultimate solution to solve each individual problem, there are several approaches that Chris and Pat can attempt to resolve these situations.Possible Problem CausesFirst, they must try to focus on what is causing the problems. Is it poor communication? Does the problem lie within lackadaisical management? Are the internal departmental processes not clearly established and/or communicated to each employee? Have the overall and departmental goals been established? If so, have they been communicated? If not, why not? Whose responsibility is it to communicate these goals to the staff? Does each employee have access to the quarterly fiscal summary? Do they understand what the allocated funds per department are? Although each employee has the mission statement on the back of their business cards, do they have a full understanding of what it truly means? Do they understand how their daily performance contributes to the company mission? Once these questions have been answered, Chris and Pat can proceed to effective alternatives and solutions to solving these problems.Framing AlternativesChris must come up with some solutions for Pat. After much pondering over the evidence placed before her, she comes up with the following proposals:1. Go to the extreme. Start...

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1736 words - 7 pages lessons in business management that will allow him to succeed in a volatile business environment. Pat should carefully evaluate Chris' work and carefully provide guidance where needed. Utilizing his skills learned from the University of Phoenix and Pat's direct input, Chris should find the resolution of these major issues to provide a vastly rewarding business experience.References:University of Phoenix course material (n.d.) Case Study: Let it Pour - My FirstAssignment as Executive Assistant. p. 2, (para. 5)

"Let it Pour" Case Study Analysis

2310 words - 9 pages .), "Provider Participation Information", Retrieved February 8th, 2005from, Margaret, et al., Through the Patient's Eyes. Understanding and PromotingPatient-Centered Care. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1993.Olson, G (1997), "The 1997 Federal Balanced Budget Act: Background and PotentialImplications for the States", para. 27, Retrieved February 9th, 2005 from of Phoenix Course Material (n.d.), "Case Study Let it Pour My FirstAssignment as an Executive Assistant", p. 2

Let it Pour: A Case Study

1501 words - 6 pages Let It Pour: A Critical Thinking Case StudyThere is growing problem that is facing all operations of the Faith Community Hospital. From administrative staff members down to the nurses and doctors, all personnel have lost the intent and scope of the vision. With the different agendas that are being introduced into the daily operations, it has become a very difficult task for the management team and the various members of its support staff to

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1227 words - 5 pages Case Study: Let It PourFaith Hospital has a problem in that the number of patients being treated at this hospital has declined, while operating costs have continued to rise. There is also a problem with the care that is being given to patients. There seems to be a lack of attention being paid to what the hospital's policies are and how they should be implemented. This crisis requires a more responsible approach to hospital expenditures as well

Let It Pour - Critical Thinking Case Study

801 words - 3 pages Critical Thinking Case Study"With the foundation and commitment of our spiritual heritage and values, our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities we server through a comprehensive continuum of services provided in collaboration with the partners who share the same vision and values." (pg4) This is the motto of Faith Community Hospital. Although the interpretation of how to accomplish the motto varies, the

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3916 words - 16 pages success of the implementation, and discuss contingency planning to limit the consequences if the implementation is not successful.Before discussing the case study it would be prudent to discuss how the evaluation tools were developed and their ultimate effect on the implementation and evaluation of the solution. When developing new tools and methods to evaluate an implemented solution, or when selecting and applying proven techniques, it is

Let it pour: A critical thinking case study

2448 words - 10 pages utilized by the hospital staff.Let it pour: A critical thinking case studyProblemsCurrently, there are wide array of concerns that are plaguing the hospital's ability to run and maintain its daily functions. These concerns have become so interwoven into the daily operations that the very stability of the hospital has become threatened. There are three major concerns that need to be addressed and are currently effecting the internal operation of the

Critical Thinking Case Study: "Let it Pour My First Assignment as Executive Assistant"

1969 words - 8 pages This paper will discuss a case study "Let it Pour My First Assignment as Executive Assistant" (Let It Pour, 2004). Chris Smith is looking forward to a new challenge as the executive assistant to the chief professional officer at Faith Community Hospital. Chris is a recent graduate of the University of Phoenix. Chris's first assignment is to put together a report that will serve as the guide to her boss, Pat's, first employee meeting in ten years

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1645 words - 7 pages administration. In fact, Albert Einstein, a great problem solver, has been quoted as saying "the formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution." Therefore, after close scrutiny of the case study in question, five main concerns have become apparent:*Personal agendas have been allowed to override policies set forth by Faith Community Hospital causing a conflict in values*Vast disorganization;*Ineffective communication

Let It Pour

2107 words - 8 pages -hours, productivity and staff suggestions and feedback on the program. DNR order reports will be required at the end of each quarter. Such reports will include the number of new DNR orders, unsuccessful attempts to review existing orders and any issues or controversies from all parties involved on following the set guidelines.In conclusion, the problems at hand where identified based on the data provided on the case study. Such issues mirror the

Case Study: Faith Community Hospital: MGT 350 Case Study Analysis Paper (instructors markings included)

1974 words - 8 pages July 26, 2005, from, R. (2001). Playing the decision making game. CMA Management. 75(7), 14-18. Retrieved July 26, 2005, from EBSCOhost database.University of Phoenix. (n.d.). Let it Pour: My first assignment as Executive Assistant. Retrieved July 26, 2005, from, S. & Himmelstein, D. U. (n.d.). The deteriorating administrative efficiency of the U. S. health care system. New England Journal of Medicine. Retrieved July 26, 2005, from

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1767 words - 7 pages Case Study: Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive AssistantScott WalkerUniversity of PhoenixMGT 350Instructor: Fred MasciApril 8, 2004Workshop #4Case Study: Let it PourCase Study: Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive AssistantThe article entitled: Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant, poses three major problems facing the Faith Community Hospital organization. Chris Smith was recently promoted to the

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1502 words - 6 pages Let it Pour-Critical Thinking Case StudyThe mission of Faith Community Hospital is the commitment to maintain its spiritual heritage and values, while providing health services to the community while retaining partners that share the same vision and values. Implementing and incorporating this misconstrued mission statement is only the beginning for the new Chief Executive Officer Assistant (CEOA). Chris the new (CEOA) of Faith Community is

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1824 words - 7 pages hospital from running smoothly and efficiently. All of these issues range from ethical dilemmas, to personal feelings, to monetary situations, to personal rights. The first issue I'd like to discuss is the employee's inability to view situation in the same scope. In the case study "let it pour" it stated that lots of the personnel treat patients differently, in this case I'm talking about the don not resuscitate (DNR) procedure. They had three

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1690 words - 7 pages The case study Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant, provides us with a look at the problems of Faith Community Hospital. The CEO of the hospital has indicated that these problems may threaten the very existence of the hospital if they are not identified, evaluated, assessed, and resolved in the near future. The problems that surround the hospital are by no means isolated to Faith Community Hospital, but are a reflection of