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Fallacies surround people in everyday life. We use fallacies in our everyday speech, our decision-making, critical thinking, and are affected by them in the pummeling of advertising surrounding us. Fallacies can be as simple as appealing to emotion instead of logical reasoning. I will examine some fallacies, how they affect critical thinking and decision-making. While showing examples of common advertising that effects our perceptions.Fallacy Summary and Application PaperJoe'sPrinting is a small business, with 14 employees. The company is a quick commercial printer, which requires tight turnaround times, and high levels of customer service. Joe's Printing has three locations, two retail sales fronts, and a production facility. The individual that has been in trouble is our deliver driver, let us call him Dan. Dan has been employed with the company for almost five years, which quite a while to be a deliver driver for any company. Unfortunately, Dan is experiencing some difficult health problems.Recently Dan and I were involved in a confrontation. During business hours, Dan delivered some items to the retail location that I am manager. The location was currently busy with three customers waiting at the counter for service with our customer service representative and myself assisting customers. Dan drops off the jobs on the table and interrupts the customer and myself telling me that he requires an invoice for a customer's job. I ask him to wait till the customers have left, which would take five to ten minutes. Unfortunately, he became belligerent and commences a rant that he does not have time to wait for an invoice. I immediately excuse myself and tell him to sit down in the back and wait. Continuing his rant, he leaves the store to bring additional finished jobs inside the building. When he returns 15 minutes later the customers have left the location, and that is when he starts his ranting and raving again. Immediately I tell him to stop and listen, explaining to him what is the real issue, being that he made a disrespectful tirade in front of customers. The conversation lasted about five minutes while I printed the needed invoices for the work he was delivering. Dan then left in a huff extremely resentful of being corrected on his behavior in front of customers.As the store manager I have the ability to terminate an employee with consul from ownership. I had a decision to make. I chose to follow is the following model for decision-making.1. Stop and think2. Clarify Goal3. Determine Facts4. Develop Options5. Consider Consequences6. Choose7. Monitor and ModifyAfter the incident, I had to stop and calm down. I have always used one of two methods when I am upset about something. Either I count to ten if I am slightly angry or I go for a walk until I calm down. I was...

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1337 words - 5 pages from Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making, MGT/350. Drawing from my previous work experience, the curriculum explained, expanded and challenged my experience base. In explaining business practices and the reasons for them, the class equipped me with additional information to make for creative decisions. The wealth of information also helped me reexamine some long-standing conceptions about how things ought to be done and make

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1039 words - 4 pages . Retrieved September 28, 2008, from of Phoenix. (2008). Week one supplement. Retrieved September 26, 2008, from University of Phoenix, Week One. MGT/350 - Critical Thinking Course Web site.

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1115 words - 4 pages differing ideas and creative thinking. If a group facilitator is capable of keeping the flow of ideas moving in a forward direction the decision can usually be made quickly and efficiently to the satisfaction of everyone involved.ReferencesSloan, P. (2004). How unusual combinations lead to breakthrough ideas, retrieved from, July 10, 2004.Wiley, L. (Ed.). (1997). Decision Analysis [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. Lehy Publishing. Retrieved July 10, 2004 from University of Phoenix, Resource, MGT/350:

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1076 words - 4 pages , of Phoenix. (2007). Business Scenario [Computer Software]. Retrieved on June 2, 2007, from University of Phoenix, rEsource, MGT 350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Web site.

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1439 words - 6 pages utilize.ReferencesBassham et al. (2002). Critical Thinking. New York: Irwin/McGraw-Hill Companies. Retrieved July 14, 2004, from University of Phoenix, Resource, MGT/350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Web site:, M. (2002). Making Ethical Decisions. Retrieved July 18, 2004, from, G., Bower, C. & Frankel, J. (1999). ASAE's new model of decision making. Association Management 51(8), 47. Retrieved July 21, 2004 from ProQuest database.

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2936 words - 12 pages : Wiley & sons, Inc. Chapter 6 p3McCall, M.W. & Kaplan, R.E. (1990), Whatever It Takes; The Realities Of Managerial Decision Making. Mgt. 350 Supplement. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice HallNut, P. C. (1989) Making Tough Decisions: Tactics for Improving Managerial Decision Making (p.p. 505-511) Jossey-BassPollitt, David (2003), Mind mapping your way to a better career, Career Development International, 8(5), p253Tippett, J. 2003. Design Ways to Creativity. Accessed December 12, 2004.

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