Mgt 431 Human Resource Trends Essay

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As always, no essay is perfect, read it over re-write it, use it for ideas, don't just copy, you will most likely get caught sooner or later.IntroductionHuman Resource Management (HR) is a rapidly evolving aspect of the business world. Globalization, technology, e-business, diversity, and ethics are some of the major facets of HR that are changing. This paper will briefly examine each and describe that aspects changing role in Human Resources.Globalization has become a fact that employees have had to accept. Weather employees like it or not their jobs are rapidly being outsourced to the lowest bidder. Companies are relying on the global labor market to find employees with specific talent. In India, computer programmers and call center employees work part-time on contracts for numerous companies around the world. Companies such as Conseco, and insurance firms, are finding that by contracting business to Indian firms, they can find a greater supply of better educated persons than in the United States (US). (Fundamentals of Human Resources) That is the corporate line; rapid globalization has eroded the manufacturing capabilities, IT departments, and staff services in the United States. US companies looking out for the quick buck believe outsourcing to be the ultimate answer. What these companies are not realizing, is that for every 10,000 dollar job in India, they are loosing a 70,000 dollars in spending power in the United States, and the economic impact that goes with that money. When that individual can not buy groceries, housing, cars, TV's, or other products that their previous employer created, it directly and indirectly affects the economy as a whole. HR department are currently receiving the blunt of the globalization trend, with companies like Hewitt and Associates outsourcing jobs to India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and other countries. Recent analysis has also reassessed the true cost savings of outsourcing to be less then predicted.Technology and e-business, have been embraced by HR. Employers have begun using online services like and to find prospective employees. Large quantities of employee data (including training records, skills, compensation rates, and benefits usage and cost) can easily be stored on personal computers and manipulated with user friendly spreadsheets or statistical software. (Fundamentals of Human Resource) Human Resources has also embraces...

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771 words - 3 pages Corporation.ReferencesWell, S (1999, December). Turn Employees into Saints - Get Executive Buy-In. HR Magazine Online. Retrieved September 24, 2002 from the World Wide Web: page=1299wells2.htmDessler, G. (2000). Human Resource Management (8th ed.) (University of Phoenix Special Edition Series). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.Unimodule (2001). UOP MGT 431 Unimodule Human Resources Managment. :UOP.

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1348 words - 5 pages /Vol_11/99vol1no1print.htmUniversity of Phoenix: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. University ofPhoenix custom edition e-text. McGraw-Hill Co., 2004. MGT/431- HumanResource Management. Resource. University of Phoenix.Retrieved January 15, 2008 from web site. Business Journal. (1997) Bundy, R.A., Changing role of human resourceshas vast implications. Retrieved from web site.http://wichita/bizjournals.come/wichita/stories/1997/07/14/focus1.html?t

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968 words - 4 pages .htmlNoe, R.A., Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P.M. (2003). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. McGraw-Hill/Irwin: New York, NY. Retrieved November 30, 2007 from University Of Phoenix Resource, MGT/431--Human Resource Management Web site: of Phoenix. (2007). Virtual organizations Huffman trucking. Retrieved November 30, 2007 from University of Phoenix, Week Two

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3267 words - 13 pages , 2008 from, J. W. (2001). The changing composition of lost-workday injuries. Bureau of Labor Statistic Monthly Review. Retrieved February 10, 2008, from http://www.bls.govTrend. (n.d.). The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved February 09, 2008, from website: of Phoenix. (2007). Week three overview. Retrieved January 10, 2008, from the University of Phoenix, Week Three, rEsource, MGT/431-Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Web site.

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