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MGT 449Value of QualityValue of QualityToday in most business practices there is much emphasis on service. As such, as internet usage increases, all companies are forced to focus on service through company web sites that will put them into direct contact with customers. Building and preserving customer value is essential in the new organizational structures happening within the corporate world today. As businesses and consumers move forward, businesses are being measured more and more by the value they create for their customers. Customer value is defined as how a business values customers and how customers value a business's products or services. This means asking customers what they want and then tuning your operations to generate these results. This means becoming more customer-driven.There are many ways to attain service success. Common tools used to attain success are: Total Quality Management (TQM), Just-In-Time manufacturing/inventory (JIT) and Customer-Driven Processes.TQM and JIT are basic ideas that are not totally unique to manufacturing. JIT is a method that is essential in training employees about a unique philosophy that can be utilized in many different types of organizations. Most companies have realized that the philosophy is an important component in the development, and implementation of total quality management. TQM is similar to JIT in regard to goals, however, it goal is to have as few errors as possible between each stage of production. The Just-in-time philosophy is a tool that top-level managers use to implement total quality management (Packard).There are numerous companies that attempt to implement this type of philosophy successfully, and the steps that they follow are very much the same. The first step to implementing TQM/JIT manufacturing is to train the top management then form a top-level team. The responsibilities of the team will include deciding upon an organizational structure and developing a plan to implement TQM/JIT within their organization. This plan to implement the strategy should include the organizational goals in regard to production and methods of how employees will be implemented with in this plan. The employee area must also include methods in regard to motivation and discipline. After all of this information is obtained and formed, then a plan should be used to begin the overall philosophy (Packard).Employees have significant roles within organizations. For organizations to experience any level of success, it takes an entire array of personnel to make success become reality. Every employment role within an organization is important from the janitor, to the file clerk all the way up to the management and CEO level. It is essential and very necessary to have satisfied employees in order to be an organization that creates value for its customers. Satisfied employees are loyal employees, and loyal employees usually deliver excellent service. Excellent service results in customer satisfaction and...

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