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Winter 2010

In April 1981, the Space Shuttle Columbia flew its first mission. It was the first reusable space shuttle to be utilized is a first American ocean vessel to travel around the world. It served as a command module for the Apollo 11 Moon lander. Columbia would have been the most used shuttle orbiter until 2003 a piece of foam insulation separated from the Space Shuttle's External Fuel Tank, struck the orbiter's leading edge of the wing. The accident occurred during re-entry the shuttle disintegrated because the extreme heat had built up, thus killing all seven astronauts aboard. "Aerospace is a technology-driven industry. America's space mission requires a long-term commitment to innovation and research which are the fuel for aerospace technology. (NASA, 2003) The Commission was established to determine the Future of the United States Aerospace Industry remarked, "Aerospace is a technology-driven industry. Long-term research and innovation are the fuel for technology. (NASA, 2003)


The outcome of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster NASA implemented sweeping reformed the organization. The once glorified space exploration institution came under scrutiny not only public opinion but also to a larger scale a thorough review under the Bush administration. NASA's public opinion ratings were at an all time low. NASA space projects to take a chunk from the federal budget at the expense of taxpayers. In fact, the disaster was a blessing, since it paved the way organizational change to meet new target goals aligned with the overall organizational Strategy.


In order facilitate the investigation the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) formed. The CAIB job to analyze failure of the mission and provide recommendations for change. It is evident that organizational change in was necessary. A variety of theories, processes, and activities utilized to ensure improvement, and efficiency organizations. The Board released its report on August 26, 2003, concluded that the fatal accident caused by organizational and technical failures. The CAIB report contains 29 recommendations, 15 of the Board recommendations must be completed before the space shuttle returns to flight status (Smith, 2003).

Organizational Causes: Regarding what caused the operation to fail the Board concluded the problems were deeply rooted in NASA's shuttle program. NASA's history together with the original compromises fluctuating priorities, budget, construction, and resource constraints. The budget forced schedule pressures. There was a corporate culture paradigm shift and characterization of the Space Shuttle as operational rather than developmental, lack of an...

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