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Mgt C431 Human Resources Management Monster.Com On Line Recruitment Assessment With References

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On-line recruiting is a cost-efficient method to expand the presence of a business to attract and hire applicants through the use of the internet. In most cases, companies will not rely on on-line recruiting services as the sole method of recruitment but rather as a method of enhancing traditional recruiting methods. This paper will:* assess one of many on-line recruitment services,;* identify the advantages and disadvantages of this service as a recruiting technique for an organization;* evaluate the pros and cons of dealing with virtual resumes; and* develop criteria an organization can use for selecting an on-line recruiting service.Online Recruitment Agencies - is the leading global online network for careers, connecting the most progressive companies with the most qualified career-minded individuals. Based out of New York City, has over 46 million resumes on its database available for employers around the world to see. Additionally, has more than 30,000 employers and 200,000 positions available world-wide for job-seekers to see. was rated by Forbes Magazine in 2004 as "Best of the web for job hunting" having the largest database collection of its type (ConsumerSearch, 2004). also provides interactive banner advertising on its home page as well as all participating job sites and career centers on the internet, providing additional advertising exposure to their clients. A few of the other job sites offer similar services, but takes it further with its feature articles, quizzes, polls, ratings, resume assistance, and direct advice from professionals. The website even has several zones that break down employment advice into categories to match people's needs at different career stages, from recent graduates to middle management, to executives.Advantages and Disadvantages of On-line RecruitmentAdvantagesThere are several advantages and disadvantages to using this particular vehicle to recruit potential employees. Using the internet recruitment service is more cost effective, is made viewable to anybody with access to the internet around the world 24 hours a day, and provides immediate results. Additionally utilizing the internet will allow keyword filtering for the employer to search through the thousands of resumes in order to pin-point a specific person or attribute.DisadvantagesDisadvantages include a greater amount of responses to review, many of which may not be qualified for the position advertised; this could be very time consuming. Another disadvantage to on-line recruitment is that...

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