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Have they ever thought about who puts on the roof or how it stays on through the storms? Well if they are interested in roofing I can help. Roofing can be hard work in various types of weather. they know, that if they know how to roof then they can always do they own roof. Because roofers work in mean heat, they can have a heat stroke a lot easier than a normal person. That way they don't have to pay a company to do it, and they are saving money when doing this. It can also be hard on they muscles because they are bending and sitting in awkward positions for a while. Some people will be on the ground; others will be on the roof. If they don’t like to be outside and in hot or cold weather ...view middle of the document...

S. para. 32).They will surely need to have the physical strength to carry shingles and heavy equipment (“Roofers” U.S. para. 31). Roofers may be burned by hot bitumen or fall from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds (“Roofers” U.S. para. 20). Roofing is busier during the summer months, and while working they will be bending, lifting heavy things (“Roofers” U.S. para. 2). It may also be physically demanding and hot while working on a roof (“Roofers” U.S. para. 2). Shingles, asphalt, and metal are some of the materials that the roofers will use to repair and install roofs of buildings (“Roofers” U.S. para.1). Roofers will also need physical stamina (“Roofers” U.S. para. 30).
Beginners need a few months to a year working with advanced roofers (“Roofers” College para. 8). In some cases roofers may need an associates or bachelors degree (“Roofers” College para. 7). It may also need vocational training (“Roofers” College para.7). Roofing also calls for a high school education and diploma (“Roofers” College para. 7). It will take 3 years and no less than 144 hours in a classroom, if they choose the apprentice (“Roofer” What’s para. 12). An extra 2,000 hours is used in on-the-job training each year, and it will pay they (“Roofer” What’s para. 12). Many people have been okay with a high school education and diploma (“Roofer” What’s para. 10). they can learn using an apprenticeship or on-the-job training because there is no specific schooling (“Roofers” U.S. para. 3).
the average pay is $14.00/ hour or $29,130 a year (“Roofer” What’s para. 14).
Minimum annual wage was $35,290 in May of 2012 (“Roofers” U.S. para. 4).
Fluctuations of the economy plays a big part in the employment of roofers (“Roofers”...

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