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Michael Phelps Essay

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Credibility is an important characteristic to have. How credible you are means how trustworthy and reliable you are. I think my athletic trainer is credible. He is good at what he does and always knows how to help anyone who is injured so I trust he knows what he is doing. If he never knew what to do and could not help you he would not be a very credible athletic trainer. This shows that your actions can affect your credibility. I think Michael Phelps is a credible person when it comes to swimming. He was very successful though his credibility took a hit when he was pictured holding a marijuana pipe (Crouse).
Phelps was born to his parents, Fred and Debbie, on June 30, 1985 (JockBio: Michael Phelps Biography). He has two sisters, Whitney and Hilary (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). Both of them took up swimming when they were young and Michael followed in their footsteps (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). Phelps started competing and being involved with the U.S. swimming teams in 1999 (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). He competed in the Olympics representing the United States when he was just 15 years old (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). He started breaking world records and becoming known in the “swimming world” (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). Phelps was being compared to swimming greats and companies began wanting his endorsements (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). Then came the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Michael qualified for eight events and won gold in all eight events (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). President George W. Bush got to watch from the stands as Michael Phelps won his first race, the 400-meter individual medley, beating the world record. When Phelps won the 100-meter butterfly he was also “securing a $1 million bonus from speedo” beating Milorad Cavic by only one-hundredth of a second (Forde). He also won the 200-meter butterfly, beating his own record even when his goggles started to leak and he could not see (Forde). In the last swim, the 400-meter medley relay, he took his team from third to first and ended up with gold when their anchor held the first place spot keeping the Australians in second (Forde). Phelps also won a gold medal in 800-meter freestyle relay, 200-meter individual medley, 200 meter freestyle, and the 400-meter freestyle relay. Michael Phelps made history by breaking the record of seven gold medals in one Olympics by winning eight (JackBio: Michael Phelps Biography). These Olympics made Michael Phelps a celebrity. He became known by many because he was an amazing swimmer. Kids looked up to Phelps wanting to be like him someday.
Three months after his history making swims in Beijing, Michael Phelps was caught with a glass pipe, or bong, that is used for smoking marijuana (Papa). A picture of Phelps holding the pipe and looking like he was smoking was published in a British newspaper in 2009 (Crouse). The picture was taken while he was at a party (Papa). Phelps did not ever admit to smoking...

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