Micheal Gawenda "America's Lethal Affair With The Gun" Analysis

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In this expository article. “America's lethal affair with the gun”, dated Februrary 6th, 2006, Micheal Gawenda contend s that America needs to be stricter on gun control laws. Gawenda, from 'The Age', writes the article with tones of dissension and assetiveness, but in a calm controlled way of approach. The intended audience of the article are the readers of 'The Age, as that is the source.

Gawenda firmly believes that gun control laws in America are not strict enough, to persuade his readers, he uses a variety of persuasive devices, some used repetitively throughout the article. One persuasive device majority of the expository, was statistics. Throughout most paragraphs, the text includes the persuasive technique of statistics, for example, “American's own an estimated 280 million guns” and “12,000 hand gun deaths... only 160 or so of these deaths have been in self defense.” These statistics persuade readers in a way where it gives the audience an idea of just how dangerous unrestrained and irresponsible gun control laws are, so that the audience agrees that America does in fact need to make the laws stricter. Connotations were also included in the text, but quite seldom. One example of this is, “National Rifle Association as powerful and well-funded,” the words “powerful” and “well-funded” give connatation of importance, followers, strongwilled, but the sentence is always implying that they do have the power and money to do something about the gun control laws and those in power of them.

Gawenda also includes denigration toward those who support the gun control laws, or more so, those who helped create it. One person Gawenda targeted in his article was George Bush, whom many people do not like already, because of his past as a president, and as a person, Gawenda writes “George Bush saying he supported the law during the 2004 presidential election campaign- has failed to renew legislation passed in 1994 banning assualt weapons.” Gawenda shows Bush's ignorance and assinity as he made this injudicious decision. In addition...

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