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Why are certain elective classes mandatory in order to graduate?

Mandatory electives are seen as beneficial to the students as they help improve the academic performance of the students, however these classes are only taken by students because they are required in order to graduate high school. To graduate high school is an important priority of the students, but they are required to take a series of electives that are outside of the core subjects. The mandatory electives of East Kentwood High School are physical education, art, health, and foreign language. Two years of foreign language, one trimester of physical education, one trimester of art, and one trimester of health are needed for ...view middle of the document...

Art electives are the one of the couple other elective classes that shouldn’t be essential concerning the graduation of high school as students need motivation to use their imagination in the art classes.
A survey was taken on KidsHealth.org and 1,173 parents and educators participated in the survey of physical education and health classes in schools. A few parents and educators both say that health and physical education is not taught productively and because of the unproductive teaching, 43% of educators and 32% of parents say that physical education is unnecessary. For health classes, 47% of teachers and 27% of parents say that the class is irrelevant. The students have no motivation or don’t use any effort to pass the classes, making the class pointless to learn.
The students sincerely don’t care about learning in the class, they just need to complete the requirements in furtherance of graduating high school. “The courses don’t require much effort to pass; as a result, many students tend to be careless and not take the lessons seriously,” said one parent in the survey. This shows that these elective classes may not be beneficial to the students.
Both parents and educators agree that health and physical education is not taught effectively, so making the electives a requirement is not effective in helping the students’ academic performances.
Notably, electives are classes chosen by students based on their interests. These...

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