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My interest in the field of Psychology began during my sophomore year of high school when I started working as a Peer Educator for the S.A.V.E. (saving adolescents via education) program. This position trained me to educate Detroit’s inner city youth about sexual responsibility while advocating community participation into the program. This experience gave me the opportunity to build relationships with local teens and their parents. This was a great experience and it made me realize how much I enjoyed helping others; at that moment I decided to pursue a career in the Psychology field. I remember completing a paper in my senior year which focused on how clients responded to the difference between African American and Caucasian Psychologists therapeutic techniques. During my research I discovered there was not a major difference in the techniques used, during sessions, however clients responded better to therapy when his/her psychologist shared similar cultural backgrounds. This finding, combined with the limited number of minority psychologists further convinced me that a career in psychology would be perfect for me. My final wave of inspiration came in the summer of 2006 when I became an Office Aide at an Adult Foster Care home in Highland Park Michigan. While employed there my supervisor strongly encouraged me to attend a self-help seminar, while there I met another attendant who was there to improve her relationship with her 23 year-old daughter. She stated her daughter was a hard-working responsible woman who worked really hard at the family business. However, she couldn’t understand why her daughter constantly spent time with her friends all the time. I explained to her that it was perfectly normal for her daughter to spend a lot of time with her friends along with this being an essential step in her developmental stage of life. I elaborated on how this would eventually assist her in moving to the next step of her life when she began to focus on starting her own family. The mother thanked me for my honest insight and providing a new point of view.
During the fall of 2006, I worked as a Residential Assistant at Alabama State University. The position provided me with plenty of opportunities to encounter an array of personalities and counsel many girls in distress. This experience forced me to become more open-minded while developing my listening and people skills. The girls taught me how necessary a display of compassion, sensitivity, and logic necessary during a person’s time of need. In 2009 I made an executive decision to resign in order to focus more on graduating. I am currently employed at Walter Reuther as a Resident Care Aide. This position has helped me retain and utilize pertinent information about mental disorders, human behavior and relationships. I believe my daily interaction with mentally ill patients have provided me with a foresight that would be beneficial to my future clients.
I believe my sincere kindness and...

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