The History And Life Of Mickey Mouse

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What many people don’t know is that Mickey Mouse wasn’t always a good influence to not only children but to many others also. Over the years Mickey Mouse has evolved into an icon that is worthy of children’s attention and their parents’ money. Through the use of movies, television shows, video games, theme parks and merchandise Mickey Mouse affects most children’s lives every day even if it isn’t noticeable. Mickey Mouse has also given rise to many big movie productions and sales. While being educational Mickey Mouse also entertains children and teaches them a lesson that children enjoy and find fun. Not only does Mickey Mouse have educational purposes he also tries to form a Utopia environment for all families that use and watch Mickey’s products.

Mickey Mouse wasn’t always known as good and wasn’t always a mouse. Before Mickey there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, also created by Walt Disney, who would get into all kinds of trouble no matter how hard he tried and would always remain somewhat happy (Borak). Although Walt was happy and proud of Oswald he realized that he did not own all of the rights of Oswald and Walt did not like the thought of not officially owning the character that he had created so Walt moved on leaving Oswald in the dust (Borak). That was when Walt decided to create his own character and try to use it to get big again and this is where Mickey Mouse came into play. Thinking of the field mouse he befriended in one of his former studios in Kansas City Walt drew a cartoony version of the rodent making him look very much like Oswald and called him “Mickey Mouse” never realizing how much of an impact he would have on the American society (Borak). This was the end of Oswald and the beginning of Mickey and a whole new look on Utopia and happiness.

Parents today would be horrified if the early version of Mickey Mouse was still on television. Mickey wasn't always a fun, positive influence on the world and especially not on children. He used to be mischievous, behaved inappropriately and treated other characters badly while laughing at their situation. In his first appearance on screen in the cartoon “Plane Crazy” Mickey was lusting after his girlfriend, Minnie, trying to get her to kiss him on a plane and he causes her to jump out of the plane (Borak). In another cartoon Mickey was shown pulling a cat’s tail to make the cat yell out to make noise to put together a band (Borak). He then swung the cat around by it’s tail and threw it against walls causing the cat pain and then laughing about the pain he had caused to the cat (Borak). It was during this time that “Steamboat Willie” hit off and Walt realized the more popular Mickey has got to make some changes. In today’s society where children's thoughts and innocence is valued and is sometimes a rare thing the mischievous lusting Mickey would not make as far if he hadn’t changed his ways.

Luckily enough Mickey Mouse did change and became more of a happy, upbeat...

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