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Micro Evolution Vs. Macro Evolution Essay

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Harmony EnglertProfessor NielsonBiological PsychologyMacroevolution vs MicroevolutionDuring class on Tuesday, we watched a video lecture given by Robert Sapolsky. Sapolsky has a background in neurology and neurological science. He is also a professor at Stanford University. In the video, he emphasized the difference of microevolution and macroevolution. Sapolsky's definition of microevolution is the function of proteins and macroevolution is about new proteins, and new networks. In other words, microevolution is what happens within a single population while macroevolution is more than one population.For an example of macroevolution let's discuss the topic of cross breeding a species. How is this macroevolution? Well in some cases the cross breeding between two species can create another species in and of itself. This new species would be an example of macroevolution. Russian scientist Karphchenko helped to contribute to macroevolution, when he created a new plant completely by accident. Karphchenko was simply trying to cross a radish with a cabbage to create a hybrid plant that was sterile. However, to Karphchenko's surprise, the seeds of the new plant were fertile with the parent species. Because of this, Karphchenko then became responsible for a whole new species of plant, called Raphanobrassica. This is a great example of macroevolution because it is not just between one, but two different species of plants. Because of the crossbreeding, a new species of plant was created.Microevolution can be seen as natural selection. According Examples of microevolution, sparrows are a prime example of natural selection. Sparrows were introduced as house pets in the 1850's in North America. Today you can see the difference in sparrows video...

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