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Micro Paper

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Microwaves are electromagnetic radiation waves that have a very short wavelength. These waves can be used in various ways, for example, radars, communication or heating.
In the 1940’s, during World War 2, a scientist called Percy Spencer was doing research with these microwaves. He then found out about how they are able to excite food molecules, causing food to heat up very quickly.
When first invented, microwave ovens weren’t meant to be kitchen appliances. They were named “Radaranges” and when they were firstly sold, they were still too large and too expensive for home use. Home-use microwave ovens only started being sold at around 1967. Now, a microwave oven is known to be a small ...view middle of the document...

A magnet is place on the anode cylinder’s surface creative the magnetic field where the microwaves will be generated. Then a thermal protector and a fan are added to the motor to protect it from over heating, and help it push out the air through the vents. Lastly, a plastic tube with an antenna inside has all the air in it sucked out, and then it is attached to the magnetron to serve as a waveguide.
The third step to the process is the main chassis. The cavity, which is already built, and the chassis are screwed in together. The door is attached using hinges. Then, the magnetron is bolted in to the sidewall of the cavity.
To create voltage to that the motor can work, a transformer, a capacitor and a rectifier are necessary. Those pieces are added very close to the antenna tube. Next to the fan, some manufactures like to add stirrer fields to make sure grease or small food particles don’t damage the magnetron. This is an optional step and it varies from brand to brand, even though it is highly recommended in order to achieve a higher quality product.

The next step it to build the control switches. The control switch contains a relay and a timer located next to the...

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