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Microbiome Essay

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Turnbaugh et al. investigates the gut microbiome with its association with obesity by testing the gut microbiota using the caecum, and through the results, it is observed that the microbiota found within the gut is only partially responsible for obesity, along with the specific genotype, lifestyle and potentially other environmental factors. The study uses mice with a particular chosen genotype, either obese or lean, to sequence the microbiota to see what bacteria is present for the different mice, and the study uses germ-free mice to test the success and effect of microbiota transplantation. The study is hopeful to develop a way to understand why obesity occurs with relation to the gut microbiota by uncovering unknown ideas about the gut microbiota and its effects on mice that can be transferred to the human.
The conclusions reveal that the microbiota likely is a contributing factor in obesity, but there are other factors involved. The results show that there is a greater amount of Firmicutes in the obese mice than the lean mice. Additionally, it is observed in microbiota transplants that both obese donors and receivers, suggesting that the microbiota did not colonize the donor community within the two weeks before testing. The overall results suggest that the obese mice had increased food consumption due to a lack of leptin receptors, a hormone that helps to control energy balance. The change in energy balance in obese people does not seem to be contributed by the gut microbiota. The results suggest that further testing could be completed to understand the components leading to obesity. There are issues found within the paper that could alter the results of what was observed. First, although the mice have a specific genotype, each mouse is different. This will be more of an issue if the same study is completed on humans because there are different cultures and diets. The microbiome is only a contributing part to obesity, but if the...

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