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The purpose for completing this lab was to observe how microscopes function. The invention & evolution of the microscope has been an ongoing process since the Middle Ages, when the first convex magnifying lenses were introduced. In 1590, the Jansen Brothers invented the first compound microscope (two or more lenses).However, Antony van Leevenwenhoek created the first “true” microscope, in 1665, with 300x magnification & unbelievable resolution. During the late 1700’s, the microscope was reinvented with 1500x magnification. The most recent advancement in microscopes is the electron microscope, which was invented in 1930. This particular model uses an electron beam, instead of light & 4,000,000x magnifications with incredible resolution.
There are many different parts of a microscope and each one has its own unique purpose. The compound microscope has 13 main parts. The base & arm are used to carry the microscope. The lamp or mirror is the source of light, the body tube lets light through, & the diaphragm controls the amount of light. There are also three different types of lenses: low power objective lens (4x magnifications), medium objective lens (10x magnifications) & high power objective lens (40x magnifications). These lenses are held by the revolving nosepiece. The stage is the platform where you place your slide. The details of the specimen on the slide can be enhanced by using the fine & coarse adjustment knobs, which make very small or large adjustments, respectively.
During the lab, I...

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