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Microsoft Analysis

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Microsoft Analysis
Introduction and Summary of Company History and Background Information

Microsoft over the past 27 years has positioned itself as the arterial system of almost all computers rolled into use across the world. Albeit with no competition worth the name to challenge its existence leave alone on technology advancements, the company has still managed to keep pace with both felt and perceived needs of its customers and its niche remains robust thus far. Nevertheless disturbing winds have begun to blow. Its corporate governance is under the microscope and the world is watching as to how Microsoft is bracing itself for the challenges posed both by competition (however innocuous it may be at present) and technology proliferation.

Let us look at Microsoft¡¦s expansion plans and initiatives to integrate them to its existing competencies

-     Microsoft¡¦s role according to Mr. Gates himself is to provide a software platform
that allows everyone who is building applications to build far more powerful
-     MOM (Microsoft Operations Manager) 2005, which is a key management software and Virtual Server product as part of simplification of the IT lifecycle
have been launched recently
-     In hardware domain the company has had the benefit of exponential improvement
in recent decades. During the first half of next year, the company is expected to
have a very smooth transition from 32-bit to 64-bit systems, with total binary
compatibility. This will provide the ability to mix 32-bit and 64-bit; a simple
recompilation for any application using the full 64-bit address base. That is a
wonderful milestone no longer requiring people to buy expensive systems simply
to achieve the best possible performance.
-     New graphics chips for better visualization; larger screens, moving up to 17-inch, 19-inch or multi PAL type LCD displays; and RFID for tagging information and having them available to track is on the agenda too.
-     Software developments in photography, web searches and music, and advances in gaming applications are on the anvil
-     Web-service protocols for connecting applications ¡V Exchange and XML data are already in the pipeline.

All this of course does not guarantee sound sleep to Mr. Bill Gates for too long. Guarantee of success happens in no business, not even in a long-term monopoly. Competition, technology compatibility and integration needs, pricing, delivery and service parameters can precipitate substantial threat to Microsoft and afford opportunities for other players. It is not that Microsoft is not aware of this. It is focusing on R&D and business strategies to sustain market shares in its own way. But is it enough and is it taking the right direction is the big question.

Others have started to seriously innovate and compete. For example...

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