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Microsoft: Its Leap For The Stars. Assignment: To Briefly Give An Essay About Microsoft's History, Along With Their Net Income And Any Information I Can Find.

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Today, you could walk up to anyone and ask them what first pops up in their head when they hear the name "Microsoft". Some might mention Windows, which currently runs on about 97% of personal computers (excluding Macintosh models). Some might mention Office, one of Microsoft's powerful programs out. Some might also mention Bill Gates, who happens to be the richest man in the world. Microsoft is the most powerful company ever to be founded. Today, it is worth $37 Billion They employ more than 60,000 employees in 84 countries, with their main headquarters located in Redmond, Washington. Many people would call them a "monopoly", since they do not have any competition. How did this company get so powerful? How did it all start?It was 1975, when Bill Gates worked for Atari. His job was to help make the BASIC language for their system. Gates left the company, along with other people and started ASII Microsoft in Japan. Their very first Operating System was called Xenix. This program was optimized for the Santa Cruz Operation, which were servers and computer systems used for research. Afterwards, they made QDOS for the very first IBM personal computer. They were very fast at taking over the total market of Operating Systems by not giving others a change to make a fully functional company. IBM, Intel, Compaq, and many other companies tried making operating systems, but none would succeed. Microsoft would eventually market PCDOS, MSDOS and Windows 3.0 and 3.1.Microsoft would really start making their name when Windows 95 made its debut. This was the very first 32-Bit Operating System to be released. Shortly afterwards, Office 95 would be released as well. These products...

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Assignment 1: Sketch briefly Descartes’ proof for the existence of God. What possible objections can you raise against this proof?

880 words - 4 pages 1. Introduction Descartes’ argument for the existence of God relies on the untenable notion of a substance of perfection and that it can be predicated of God. In this essay Descartes’ arguments for the existence of God will be briefly expounded, and then objections against his methodology employed in order to establish the proof of God, will be discussed. 2. Proof of God God takes on a crucial place in Descartes’ philosophy. He was certain of

"Can an Engine Pump the Valves in Your Heart" by Jean Kilbourne. Give an example of how advertising compamies use sex to sell their product

599 words - 2 pages communication for several reasons. The agency that represented that product would see what kind of an angle with which to come forward to the public. Then they would decide what effect their ad has on the public.When the makers of BMW came out with the new M3 and it had improved its safety devices, safety belts, shatter-proof glass, and moving head lights. One of the slogans used for the car was "If they made a movie about your life, who would you want

BRITNEY SPEARS- This essay just explains why she is my idol and I give her the credit that no one else gives her. Us teens can all relate to brit's music and I made that clear in my essay

531 words - 2 pages /'Cause I've never felt this way." Growing up, many of us have to face certain social anxieties and pressures. Through this song, it shows that she also has to deal with these feelings. This is an important message to send because many kids feel alienated growing. This song shows them that they are not the only ones experiencing these feelings. She has helped many people in this way through her singing. I also admire her because it is not easy for

The assignment was to sit for 20 min and observe, and then to write about it. I chose to write about a starbucks encounter

573 words - 2 pages Observational WritingStarbucksIt was three o'clock in the afternoon, and they leisurely walked in, carelessly discussing their children's recent pre-school accomplishments. Both were in their mid-thirties, and each with a toddler circling around them and an infant in her hands. One was wearing a silky, navy-blue mock turtleneck tucked into light denim jeans, and the other ironed khaki pants and black v-neck shirt. They were both blonde, with

This is an essay I wrote for a porfessional ethics class about home schooling and its effects on childrens social behavior

661 words - 3 pages When it comes to the education of children, parents usually enroll their children in mainstream schools and in some cases private schools. However, there are a growing number of parents who feel they can offer their children a better education than the public or private school systems. These parents are joining the growing trend of families who have opted to home school their children. According to Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home

What Does Said Mean By Orientalism? Discuss Any Aspect Of Said's Work Orientalism,That You Find Most Appealing, And Give Your Own Insights On The Issue

1518 words - 6 pages facts about this topic, especially for the term Orientalism and Orient, but usually are seen to be based on assumptions and undefined thoughts that Said and Western people had. What I am trying to say is that Said definitely had a strong argument about this topic, but somehow, maybe because he had so many viewpoints about it, somewhere along the way lost its real meaning and made it more un-understandable and foggy for the others brain to get a

My Greatest essay I have written. its totally about Cryogenics and Cryonics (complete with Works Cited list and documentation)

1085 words - 4 pages Research Project Many people fear death so much that they wish they could be immortal. Well I have the answer for some. What could I possibly be talking about? Well I am talking about CRYOGENICS and CRYONICS. Cryogenics is very well known to treat all sorts of materials, making them stronger and more efficient. Cryonics may hold the key to being physically immortal. Now you may very well think that physical immortality is impossible but in

The Suit by Can Themba - How would I describe the character of Philemon and what support for this did I find?

1716 words - 7 pages meal with us (the suit will become routine) and share all we have.... if he vanishes or anything else happens to him... I'll kill you. (let go of your betrayal and I will not have anything to remind me of it and nothing to punish you with.)' The threat is emotional abuse. Philemon feels Mathilda is responsible for desanctifying their relationship, though he was the one who placed them on a pedestal. She 'ducks frantically' when she walks by him

Its a myth. if you ever got an assignment to write a myth, this is the essay foryou. i got 100% on this. and im sure u could too

778 words - 3 pages capable of seeing him even with the invisibility chariot. Just as he was about to enter one of the caves, a tree that had all these long serpent branches reached out and grabbed him. With that, Criptimus started to scream and kick and try and set himself free; him being so young he did not know how to handle monsters of this sort. For the more Criptimus screamed and squirmed trying to set himself free, the tighter the serpents tied

Science in the Renaissance: my essay talks about the discoveries that da Vinci and Galileo made. I compared and contrasted their discoveries to Aristotlean theory and each other

3319 words - 13 pages belief, their education was strictly religious and biblical. Galileo's book challenged all their ideas about the cosmos. Their doctrines were lampooned and rejected. Depending on how the book was interpreted, it wasn't the heated debate that Galileo originally sought it to be, and the book didn't end with the triumph of the Church. That was enough evidence to bring the case to the Pope.The Aristotelian wasn't named Simplico for nothing. "Simple" was

Where can I find Family, Food, and Animals? Maybe the State fair!

1111 words - 5 pages take some of your money, but those are not the things one will remember about the fair after about 5 years. When I think of the fair 5 years ago I remember when I first rode the zipper and almost slammed my face on the cage from laughing so hard. Or just this last time I remember ridding the fire ball for the first time and as I hung upside down my butt didn’t touch the seat any more while my boyfriend next to me almost got sick. Then after that I

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